Need a reason to commit to be fit in 2012? Meet personal trainer Joni Dykstra...

For over 15 years Joni Dykstra has been a popular personal trainer on the Central Peninsula working with hundreds of clients to help them meet their personal fitness goals. She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education from Oregon State University. The slogan of her business Muscles in Motion is "Commit to be Fit." While weight loss and exercise is a popular New Years resolution for millions of Americans it is estimated that less than 1% will keep that resolution through out 2012 or meet their personal fitness goals, "It's not easy, it's work and weight loss is fickle, can be discouraging, but really is only one of the benefits of exercise, the other is just feeling better, having the energy and strength to do things you want to do when you want to do them. Then when unexpected things happen in your life you have more strength to deal with it," said Joni who six months ago was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"It was the last thing I expected to hear, but being in good shape and at a decent weight helped me deal with the shocking news emotionally and physically," said Joni who has continued to work out and train clients six to seven days a week throughout her battle with cancer, "The gym is a positive environment which is very important in fighting cancer. I can't say enough about the people that are here and that I workout with, I could be sitting home worrying about the cancer and the next round of therapy, but that would be bad for me. My friends at the Fitness Place have become family to me, they inspired me to work hard before the cancer, they have encouraged and strengthened me during the battle with cancer and we'll celebrate together when I'm cancer free. I've completed my chemo and start the radiation in a few weeks and I feel good I feel strong and I credit that to my work environment, my family, and my friends here at the gym," she said.

So how do you get started with your New Years resolution? "You come in the door and you meet Amy at the front desk here at the Fitness Place and we'll walk you around and show you what we have to offer and make getting started as easy and inexpensive for you as we can. Of course working out is never easy, but we'll inspire and encourage you to meet your goals and be a happier, stronger, you. Remember it's not all about the number on the scales or how much weight you loose it's about how you feel and how you are around your family and friends, exercise makes you a better friend, wife, mother, sister, or husband. You're going to treat your family better and feel better about yourself, it's the best investment you can make and is the most positive thing you can do for yourself whether you are fighting a life threatening disease or simply the long Alaskan nights," concluded Dykstra.

If you need a superhero to help you keep your New Years resolution, you can meet Joni at the Fitness Place on the Spur Highway across from JoAnn Fabrics, or make an appointment with her at or by calling 907-952-4887.