Don't miss out on "Lucky 13" Fashions in 2012...

Valerie Mackey now Humphrey grew up on the Kenai Peninsula was home schooled and earned her Associates degree at Kenai Peninsula College going on to Baylor University and earning a business degree in marketing and returned to Soldotna to open the new Lucky 13 Fashions boutique in the Blazy Mall. "13 has always been a lucky number for my family.


I was born on a Friday the 13th and my parent's signed papers on their first home on a Friday the 13th as well as many other great things. Therefore when we began brainstorming for names for the store it quickly was decided that something with 13 should be included. Since the number 13 has had good will in it for my family so far, what better date to do a grand opening of your dream business.

Therefore Lucky 13 Fashions was born and opened on the 13th," said Valerie.

Humphrey says her shop is more than a fashion boutique with cute clothes or trendy looks and sites TOMS shoes as an example, "It's one of my favorite brands, their shoes were started by a college guy who went to Argentina on a humanitarian trip and saw a lot of children who couldn't go to school and were getting sick because they didn't have shoes, so he came back and started a business where he could sell a pair of shoes and give a pair away. They have been in business for only five years and have given away over 2 million pairs of shoes, here at Lucky 13 we've already given away 87 pairs of TOMS and we just picked up the brand. Every pair of TOMS shoes you buy here at Lucky 13 you are giving a pair to a needy child and that makes my business a lot of fun," she said.

Lucky 13 also carries several lines of premium denim jeans at affordable prices, "One of the most recent we picked up is MEK and we have lots of different fits and styles for men and women, but we're not just about clothes and apparel, we carry locally made pottery by Joel Isaak. Joel grew up in this community and is a local Kenaitze Artist. He is currently finishing school at UAF and has done several shows displaying his pottery, metal work, and other forms of art. He is very talented and loves to create unique pieces.

His work is reasonably priced and makes great gifts for weddings. We also have Tiqiq jewelry that is a fair trade product. The jewelry is made with authentic stones and silver. Most of the stones come from Hungry, which is where the artist is from.

We carry several brands with various price points for all budgets and styles. We carry Billabong for both men and Women, including their snow gear. In the West Coast looks we also carry Volcom and Rip Curl. For those that want something with tons of detail and a fun spirit the Affliction brand is perfect. Some of our more mature looks include Tulle, Kensie from Liz Claiborne, and Mystree.

We carry premium denim for both men and women. Some of our most popular brands of jeans are Vigoss, MEK,iT, and Zenim. Besides tops and jeans we carry scarves, purses, hats, jewelry, and shoes. We currently have a large selection of the TOMS shoes as well as some boots from Not Rated. Customer service is critical to us and we want your shopping experience with Lucky 13 Fashions to be as fun and comfortable as possible! Shopping at a small business should be different than shopping at a big box store it's more personal, we'll know you by name and keep a record of what you have purchased previously and find things to mix and match with you," said Valerie. At Lucky 13 Fashions you get a punch on your punch card for every ten dollars you spend and after ten punches you get a $10 dollar gift card.

Check out the chic affordable fashions at Lucky 13 at the Blazy Mall in Soldotna on the Sterling Highway or call Valerie at 907-953-0373.