Car Wash and a shampoo for you at the new 907-Stylez...

Not many folks today can actually remember when you could get a shave and a haircut for two bits, but everyone still recalls the jingle and the nostalgia for a time in America's past. Today two bits, (for the texting generation that's 25 cents,) won't buy a pack of chewing gum yet consumers are always interested in today's best bargains.

Bargains like the value of making yourself beautiful while keeping your car clean in Alaska's weather. A task made easy now at the new 907-Stylez beauty salon in Kenai located at the front of the Big Dipper Car Wash on the Spur Highway.

Rose Carew, whose parents named her after her rosy cheeks, has lived in Alaska since she was 4 months old and is now the proud owner of her own beauty salon known as 907-Sylez. "I've probably been interested in doing hair for about that long as well, but professionally I've been doing hair for eight years," laughs Rose, "The best part about being a stylist is the people you meet. What I like the most about the new 907-Stylez is that it's mine, I love being my own boss and making new friends." Rose's 3-year-old daughter Marissa also loves the new shop and making new friends as well.

There are four professional stylists at 907-Stylez with specialties that include body waxing and facials, and soon Rose will be offering tanning beds for your complete fantasy get-a-way. The new beauty salon in Kenai has everything to keep you beautiful and up to date with todays new looks.

You can call 907-Stylez for an appointment at 335-0907 or walk-ins before or after your car wash are always welcome.