The "King of Vinyl" has you covered at 4-D Carpet One...

If the image that comes to your mind of a vinyl floor is something with curled up edges that was installed 10 or even 5 years ago, your image is probably as outdated as a rotary dial telephone. Unless of course you've been by 4-D Carpet One in Soldotna and seen their latest cabinets, counter tops, and floor coverings, "Folks will come in and walk on it, reach down and touch it, and more often than not think they are walking on a hard wood floor," says 4-D owner Dan Mortenson.

Mortenson moved to Soldotna in 1974 from Montana and has been providing top quality floor and countertop coverings ever since, "In those years all you had to have in stock was avocado green and harvest gold and that was pretty much it and that made it pretty easy, but today there is so much selection my warehouse is huge and I have more vinyl in stock than anywhere in Alaska because it has become our major product and I'm just so impressed with it. They kid me about being the Alaskan King of Vinyl, but these new type of vinyl's are amazing they are a fiberglass vinyl that doesn't shrink, it's warm, it's soft, it looks and feels like real hard wood only it's more durable with less maintenance and costs way less to install, it's simply amazing," he explained.

Healthy living is also driving people towards vinyl coverings and manmade simulations for sink and counter tops, "Vinyl has become a better choice than wall to wall carpet, especially if you have a rental property or a B&B where you have a lot of guests, because you don't have allergy concerns or shampooing maintenance. I still like wood and we carry wood floorings but it does suffer damage and you have maintenance costs that you don't with vinyl and it gives you the same look and feel with better autistics and warmth. Today many of the simulated products are better than the real thing. The craze for natural granite counter tops, which we also carry, is being mitigated by the concern over radon gas emissions but we have a simulated granite that is radon free, always true to the color sample and again has less maintenance than the natural granite," said Mortenson.

When building or remodeling, industrial or commercial, major construction or small do-it-yourself projects don't assume that you'll find a better price, selection, or availability of product in Anchorage or Seattle than you'll find right here locally at Dan Mortenson's Carpet One in Soldotna at the corner of Marydale and the Spur Highway. You'll also find the staff at 4-D is more than friendly and helpful; they're Alaskans and will be sure that you get the best value for your hard earned dollar. Stop by or give them a call at 262-9181.