Shining their "King Bling!" Local Princesses serve more than tea!...

Local princesses gather for tea and service to the kingdom at KUPS 1st Tea Party.

At a time when fashion dictates worn out jeans and torn t-shirts for young ladies, pretty young girls dressed up like a princess is something commonly seen only at Halloween parties, until last week's K.U.P.S Tea Party that is, where some 25 young ladies were given princess gowns and a proper tea party at the Birch Ridge Community Church. KUPS stands for Kings United Princesses Serving and is the brain child of Char Moore, "We have divided the community into several kingdoms, each having a queen in charge of their court, the queen being the adult supervisor or parent and the court the young girls or princesses. The queen and her court will select a community service project or two that they would like to do for the year in addition to a fun fashion project where each court will create their own fun fashion design with modesty in mind so that girls can discover you don't have to have expensive designer labels to look great and have fun with fashion," explained Moore.

The purpose of KUPS according to Moore is to guide girls into better understanding of the "It's not about me" concept and to help them experience the joy of doing selfless acts of kindness in their home and community and to encourage girls to see what makes them truly beautiful is their inner beauty. The inaugural KUPS tea party and meeting exceeded Char's expectations, "Over 25 girls turned out and we almost ran out of dresses, but some of the mom's told me after having to almost drag their daughters to the meeting, when they left they were happy, excited and wanting to invite friends to the next party, and they can, we'll make room and dresses for as many girls as want to participate," she said. Each princess selects and is fitted with her own princess dress at no charge which she keeps until she outgrows it at which time she can trade it in for a new one explained Moore, who hand makes each dress and tierra. "For some girls this is an alternative to other clubs or groups that don't appeal to them or their parents, we have put a lot of love behind this and believe it will be a powerful statement and a lot of fun for our young girls in the community," added Moore.

KUPS plans to meet one Saturday each month with the next meeting scheduled for March with a St. Patrick's Day theme and fashion show. Dressing rooms are provided for the girls to change into their princess attire. All girls over 6 years of age are welcome to attend and there everything is free, "We'd love to have more teens and we have several grand mothers that are already participating as queens. Our meetings last an hour or so and we share tea and snacks and the things, good deeds, or thoughts that we have done in our kingdoms since the last meeting," said Char. The local kingdoms have been named Lovesalot, with Queen Melissa, Joy Valley-Queen Mercey, Peaceville- Queen Alice, and Gentle Grove-Queen Cindy. Four kingdoms have yet to be claimed: Secotro Hills, Patient Meadow, Kindrock, and Faith Mountain. For more information contact Char Moore at 260-4463.