National Guard weekend begins at Louie's in Kenai...

They say it's the most important meal of the day, so Kenai Mayor Pat Porter and her husband Larry wanted to be sure our local National Guardsmen had a good breakfast at Louie's in Kenai before they began their National Guard weekend. "It's an honor to have some time with these soldiers, we don't see enough of them because they are busy at the armory and during the regular work day they are out about with the regular jobs, this is a privilege for Larry and I and a way to say thank you to these soldiers individually for stepping to help our community and our country," said the Mayor.

Staff Sgt. Burns explained what would be happening during the rest of their weekend, "Certain dates are scheduled every year for our drills and then all Guard members across the State no matter what the MOS is drill on the same dates to coordinate and help take care of the maintenance and supply issues, personnel issues and get packed and prepared for the next weekend or our annual two week training which happens at Ft. Greely every year," said Burns, who has been with the Guard for almost 18 years.  Burn's unit deployed to Iraq in 2006 to 2008. 

Burns says the weekends and annual training aren't an inconvenience because it has become part of their lives, "It's part of what we do and it's what we enjoy from helping each other out as soldiers to whatever else is going on in the community, we just know that there are certain things we are going to miss because of it, but it's what we gladly choose to do," he said.  Burns joined the guard to get training as a medic and now is the supply Sergeant for the company.

Dylon Briggs is Pvt. in the Guard while still being a high school student, "I wanted to serve and go to school at the same time so this was a perfect opportunity. I have fun doing it, it's what I enjoy," he said.