"Reading Counts" Soldotna Elementary winners get Fire Engine ride...

Soldotna Mayor Peter Micciche congratulates Soldotna Elementary Library aid Debbie Adamson and the “Reading Counts” winners.

Reading Counts champions at Soldotna Elementary were treated last week to a Central Emergency Services (CES) Fire Engine ride from school to City Hall and back again. At Soldotna City Hall they were presented with Certificates for their superb reading by Mayor Peter Micciche, Principal Teri Diamond and Library aid Debbie Adamson, "Thanks to CES for making the Fire Engine ride part of the incentive and special treat for these winners. These kids are obviously progressive in understanding the importance and joy of reading. This is the second year we've made this possible because reading I believe is the foundation for their future and these young kids seem to understand that," said Micciche.

"We're here to celebrate the achievements of these children through the Scholastic Reading Counts program, where they read and take quizzes on each book. These students have really worked hard and proven themselves to be excellent readers," said Adamson. The Reading Counts program is an independent reading program for Grades K-12 which combines reading practice and software-based reading assessment. The program is instructionally flexible and mastery focused to develop reading skills, help raise test scores, and motivate students to achieve reading success. Students start with a book they find in their classroom, school, or public library that is curriculum-based that the student wants to read. "At Soldotna Elementary there was a drawing in every classroom grades 2nd - 6th with a winner in each classroom and these students won the Fire Engine ride lottery due to their personal commitment to read the number of books they did. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful students and parents and a great staff that promotes reading the way they do," added Principal Teri Diamond.

"I probably read about fifty books and riding on the Fire Engine was really cool," said Colton Johnson. Wes Perkins Deputy Fire Marshall at CES said it was a treat to be giving students Fire Engine rides rather than fighting fires and reminded everyone that this is the most dangerous season for wild fires and encouraged everyone to keep the brush clear around their houses, follow the rules for burning and be Fire Wise.