Veteran educators say farewell to the classroom and hello to retirement...

It just takes some folks longer to finish school than others. Especially those few students who become gifted educators and turn their passion for teaching into a legacy of inspired lives. Two such individuals Rick Frederic and Candice Goldstein, who collectively dedicated 57 years of service to the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (KPBSD). When school let out for the summer they left their classrooms for the last time. It was in his 9th and 10th grade science classrooms that Rick Frederic developed his passion for science, the very classes he has taught here in Nikiski and Kenai for the last 26 years, "In the early 70's there was a huge revolution in science having to do with the space race and changed curriculum to much more hands on education. That excited me and that's what I brought to my classrooms with assignments such as the Caring for the Kenai. Teachers have a lot of unique opportunities here on the Peninsula and it's been a great place to live and raise my own students," said Frederic at his faculty farewell at Kenai Central High School. Rick says he'll spend the summer at his Nikiski saw mill and B&B then head south for a little Florida sunshine before returning to Alaska. "Alaska has been a great adventure and this will be different but no less of an adventure," he said.

It was also gold pan time for Candice Goldstein over at Redoubt Elementary after 31 years of service to the KPBSD. Tears mixed with smiles as faculty, parents and students gathered to wish Mrs. Goldstein farewell. "It'll be different that's for sure. I usually start preparing for school around July 4th so this will be a very different 4th of July for me," she told the Dispatch in an interview. "I was sitting in my wildlife biology class in college and the professor said four of you out of five hundred students will get a job in wildlife biology, so I thought I'd better switch to a different career so I thought about teaching, and once I got into teaching first grade I never looked back and knew first grade was where I belonged, there is nothing like seeing a child when they realize that they can do something for the first time whether it's when they realize they can read or write or tie their shoe those are things that you can't put a price tag on and that brought priceless joy to me," said Candy.

Both Goldstein and Frederic have witnessed tremendous advances in technology since they first joined the KPBSD, "When I first started at Redoubt we had one telephone in the building and now we have them in every classroom not to mention every pocket. So we've grown with the technology which has made the teachers have to keep up with the latest technology, but the way you interact with students hasn't changed and the teacher-student relationship never will you just can't make an app for that," said Goldstein. What is she planning to in the future, "Anything I want!"