Soldotna Y Chevron opens new convenience store...

Parking spaces have replaced the full service pumps at the historic Soldotna "Y" Chevron station and an all new convenience store welcomes you inside the facility once owned by the legendary Les Anderson. Anderson the man who still holds the world record for the largest king salmon ever caught is remembered by locals more for his happy smile and willingness to serve his customers, a tradition that is carried on today by the present owners of the station Mark and Sarah Rozak. "It's a heritage of service we're all proud to carry on into the 21st century," says Mark, "New times call for new services and the convenience store is just part of our make over, we've also remodeled our auto service bays as well with 21st century technology and equipment," said Mark.

While the full service island where someone checked under the hood while pumping your gas may be a thing of the past, at Rozak's Soldotna "Y" full service is still available for handicapped, "We will happily do full serve for anyone with a handicapped plate or sticker, they can either give us a call at 262-1498 or honk and we'll come out and serve you," explained Sarah. The new convenience store features everything from mosquito repellent to soft drinks and snacks or anything you might need to restock your camper or car without having to do combat shopping or hike through a mega store. Soft ice cream and a soda fountain are also available as you head out into Alaska's playground or wait for a quick oil change or tune up. When your vehicle needs maintenance or repair Soldotna "Y" is always the place go, "Our mechanic Pat has been here for over 26 years and we have the new top of the line alignment, coolant flush and fuel system cleaning machines and we service vehicles with oil changes or tire change over or repairs all day until 8:00pm every evening. We don't tow vehicles, Soldotna Y Towing is owned and operated by others, but they will gladly tow you to our shop to make the necessary repairs," says Rozak.

At the Y Chevron you'll also find Rhino Sprayed on bed liners and Rozak Rentals. "Mark sprays all the Rhino's himself and has been for 10 years. He takes pride in having the best bed liners in Alaska to protect your new or used vehicle. He'll do a 6ft short bed for only $500 and 8ft. for $600 and custom color it for another $200," said Sarah. At Rozak rentals you can find the right equipment to do it yourself or rent an operator to do the job for you, "We not only have rental of equipment to do gravel pads, dirt expansions and all other dirt needs, but we also have very qualified operators whose passion is to play in the dirt. We like to say at Rozak Rentals we make dirt look good!" Stop by the family owned Soldotna "Y" Chevron anytime Monday - Friday 6:00am - 8:00pm, Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm and Sunday 9:00am - 4:00pm. Or call 262-1498 for more information.