Peninsula Stone & Tile presents industrial precision granite counter top fabrication for Alaska …

State of the art granite counter top fabrication is now available in Alaska at Peninsula Stone and Tile on Frontage Road just off of K-Beach Rd. in Soldotna. Shipped from stone quarries all over the world directly to Peninsula Stone and Tile owner Alexis Calder has accumulated the largest stock of granite in Alaska and probably the entire North West. Buying and shipping directly from the quarry is much less expensive than shipping from Seattle says Calder and now with her addition of water jet cutting and finishing she can do in hours what use to take a week and with design precision like no where else in Alaska, “What we’ve done here is we have added machinery to additionally keep costs down and make the project very precise and beautiful piece of work. We have a water jet and CNC cutting machine that is completely automated with a photo system and digital laser for making templates. So we now have the whole manufacturing process from start to finish right here in house. Cory our sales manager will template and put together the granite of your choice on a photo system that is called ‘nesting’ which allows us to perfectly match the granite grains to whatever size or shape of your project whether it’s an arc or a circle our water jet can cut anything and doesn’t have to be a straight line. That in itself saves money because we utilize the entire slab and pass the savings on to our customers. Once the cuts are seamlessly matched it goes to our CNC machine that does all of the routing for perfect counter top smooth edges. Being completely automated allows us to do in hours what use to take a week which again saves labor costs and time of installation to the customer,” explained Calder.

Additionally the margin for error is greatly reduced says sales manager Cory Davis, “We go out to your house or job site and measure with the laser templater which gives us an exact layout of what your counter top or project is going to be and then we cut the granite to your exact specifications with no margin of error. We don’t cut the granite and make it fit in your house we cut to your house and scribe to your wall with perfect seams which brings everything together for much more fluid seamless appearance than anything we were able to do in the past,” said Davis. According to Davis Peninsula Stone and Tile will be able to serve all of Alaska from their Soldotna location, “That’s the glory of having this new machinery on site, there is no need to even come into our shop, you can look on line and pick out granite to suit you design and can template your house and then show you on line what your counter top will look like installed before we ever make a cut. That is a huge difference because appearance of stone can change from seeing the large slab to after it is cut to fit your home and this lets you change your mind and makes for total satisfaction because you see it just as it will appear when finished,” he explained. 

Being a direct importer also has advantages when it comes to quality and uniqueness of stone, “What I’ve done for years is travel to quarries all over the world, some new sites that just been opened so that we have stone that has never been available before anywhere and we take the block material and ship it to factories that cut it into the specific slab size that we want and do the finish according to our specifications and then we ship the slabs directly here in containers and that’s what keeps our and our customers costs down because we are a direct importer as well as a fabricator of counter tops,” says Calder. Tours of Peninsula Stone and Tiles stock and facility are available anytime during business hours or call for an appointment at 260-8453, or visit their web site at and browse over 300 granite slabs imported from Brazil, India, and Italy, the largest stock of granite in Alaska.