Wedding Bells ring at Stanley Ford…

The Henry Ford assembly line changed life for millions of Americans and the face of the industrial revolution itself. Now Stanley Ford has been a life changing experience for Paul Olson and Kristina Kivi who took their wedding vows at the Stanley Ford showroom in Kenai July 29th. “I had just started working at Stanley Ford when it was still in Soldotna when Kristina came in recruiting volunteers and donations for one of the after prom parties they were having at Soldotna High School. So I made sure that happened for her and after she came back a few times I asked her out and she accepted,” said Paul. 

“That was three years ago and after I proposed and she accepted we were talking about where to hold the ceremony and everyone agreed that we should do it here at the dealership where the whole romance began,” the groom told the Dispatch. According to the bride, “He was very persistent, a sweet talker and very persistent, like most good salesmen and of course knew how to close the deal,” laughed Kristina. 

Converting the new Stanley Ford showroom into an elegant “Chapel of Love” for the wedding was an assignment taken on by Kimberlee Stocker, Stanley Ford’s Internet & Marketing director. “She did an amazing job and I think has a side job and second title now of wedding planner,” said Paul. The couples get-away car? Paul’s Super Duty Ford F-250 of course. Paul says wedding bell or honeymoon specials just might be in the works for this fall and coincidentally Stanley Ford’s slogan is “The Right Choice.”