Hundreds head out to Funny River for old fashioned Festival Fun…

Turn of the 20th Century games still fun at Funny River Festival.

While many folks were glued to their plasma screen TV’s watching the Olympic Games in London, hundreds of others took advantage of an opportunity to experience the simple outdoor fun and games that were popular during homestead days in Alaska when there was no TV by driving out the Funny River Rd. for the annual Funny River Festival. The event is sponsored by the Funny River Chamber of Commerce and Community Association and had its beginnings in the mid-eighties. “We’re a pretty friendly tight community out there and we have all kinds of weekly activities all year round the festival is kind of the mother of all events for us, but from quilting to hunting, fishing, bingo and card playing there’s always going on in Funny River,” Chamber and Community Association president Ray Price. 

This year’s festival was a three day event that included a parade, horse shoe tournament, cake walks, games with prizes and activities for everyone, “We had ten vendors this year, now that might sound small to some people but it’s way more than we have ever had and even though Hobo Jim wasn’t able to make it we had some Funny River sisters step up and perform for us and Kevin Baird of the Forget-me-Not’s also did a real nice job singing for us so we were very fortunate to have them and we even had a couple of politicians throwing horse shoes, but it’s hard for them to throw ringers, lots of kids games too that gave everyone a really fun time in Funny River,” said event chair for life Diane Galley. 

This year’s activities included a golf tournament, pinochle, cribbage and nickels tournament and the tickets to all the fun were only 50 cents a piece according to Diane who is already looking forward to organizing next year’s Funny River Festival and celebrating the simple fun of community.