Grandma Ellington Centenarian + Two!

“No secrets I just keep doing the same and being loved by my family!” exclaimed Wilma Ellington at her 102nd Birthday celebration. According to Grandma Ellington as of this year she has 6 children, 110 some grandchildren, about 15 great grand children, “And as of today seven fifth generation or great great grandchildren, but I’ve really lost count,” she said. Most of her off spring live in Alaska says her oldest daughter Myrna Cowen who with her husband Pat own the Birchridge Golf Course, but what no one has a count of is how many non-lineal heirs whose lives have been touched by her warmth and giving spirit over the last one hundred and two years who also proudly call her “Grandma Ellington.” 

She says the last year went by pretty fast, “I was down a little earlier this year but I’m back, not moving around as much but I’m loved and can’t complain, life is good,” she said. Grandma Ellington’s birthday also signals the beginning of another football season and being a Denver Bronco fan she commented, “Well, they’re not doing so good yet, but tomorrow I sure hope they win. Now when Tebow left, well I really don’t know what to think about him, but I liked him when he played for my team. I don’t want to wait much longer to see them in the Super Bowl so I hope they do it for me this year, maybe we should send them a message,” laughed the centenarian plus two. 

Grandma Ellington has lived in Soldotna with her daughter Donna and son-in-law, retired KPBSD music teacher Dave Schmidt since 1992 when she moved here from Colorado. “Over thirty years now and she’s been here since we came and was with us two years before that in Colorado. It’s meant a lot to have her with us, she basically raised our youngest, dressed him, cooked for him, she made my breakfast every morning just up until the last few months which is why I was able to get to school on time every day,” laughed Schmidt, “I would say it’s not a matter of caring for her or living with her, it’s that we’ve been blessed with having her with us, taking care of us, she is so wonderful and really another mother for me, it’s an honor to have had her all these years and that’s absolutely the truth. And to put her life span in prospective we were just talking about this, she was born two years before the Titanic sunk, think about that and she’s right here with us today,” said Schmidt. 

So listen up Broncos and win one for Grandma Ellington, celebrating one hundred two years of life.