The Study celebrates 1st Anniversary of helping kids succeed in school…

Just a year ago Kerri Nelson opened The Study on Kobuk Street in Soldotna to specialize in helping kids clear academic hurdles they may be having in school. Already Nelson says they have many success stories, “We’ve had lot of parents tell us about improvement in their kid’s attitudes and grades especially when it comes to math and that’s thanks to our math tutor Emily Cotton,” she said at the The Study’s 1st Anniversary open house. “After we assess where the students are with their math skills then I tell them that math is really simple and show them the steps in making it simple involving English with the mathematics as a way of going between the two. As soon as they can follow steps one, two and three then they are on their way to learning that each problems can be broken down and made simple,” explained Cotton. Emily says she learned math was fun through her early love of puzzles, mysteries and stories with problems that needed a solution, “So I naturally graduated toward math and it became a strong suit for me in school. Today making math fun for students is a lot of fun for me, especially realizing that math is more important than ever and necessary for every aspect of life, even in English there is a formula for writing an essay,” she said. 

The Study is closely aligned with the Kenai Peninsula School District according to Nelson which helps them assess the student’s needs, “As we look at the assessment we can see the holes that a kiddo might have and we can back track to fill in that need with an individualized plan to file the gap, make learning fun and help the student become successful,” she said. 

In the midst of the Alaskan Permanent Fund Dividend season Nelson points out that while many families practice saving PFD’s for college an investment today in tutoring may make the difference in whether a student will be able to get into college or not, “We have a lot of upper level math and upper level English tutorials that might be just right for the student that just needs a little extra help. All they may need is to come a couple of days a week and the result is that it really boosts their grades and that can return a huge dividend in preparing a student for their future,” added Kerri. “It’s hard to believe that we’ve been open a year already and that we have grown so much in just 12 months. It’s truly amazing and I thank the community for that and we are excited about our next year and continuing to meet the needs of kids that are struggling or can use some extra help. We specialize in speaking words of life over your child.” You can learn more about The Study at or by calling 262-6227 and chatting with Kerri, Emily or reading interventionist Misty McCowen.