Kenai Peninsula’s College Fair helps students plan their future…

The 3rd Annual Kenai Peninsula College Fair and Financial Aid night sponsored by the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (KPBSD) for high school juniors and seniors was a huge success last week with more than 60 institutions sending representatives to participate at the Soldotna Sports Center. “This is a great venue for students and saves them having to be bused to Anchorage for this kind of information. Sometimes however students often leave a little more confused then when they came in because there are so many opportunities here for them that they might not have considered before so we recommend they go home and take all the information they gleaned here and work it through with their families and having digested all that information start the process of narrowing down their decisions. The financial aid night was geared to help students find ways to fund their higher education whether it is through local, state and national scholarships. We help them on how to do a scholarship folder and tying into state resources such as the Alaska Commission on post secondary education. The event was a great success and has grown every year and we plan to continue for it to grow in the future,” Sara Moore, KPBSD District counselor/specialist said in an interview with the Dispatch.

Schools from all over the country participated, “We target a lot of the schools that are at the Anchorage College and Career Fair to come down. These representatives pretty much work a circuit in the state from Juneau to Fairbanks and Anchorage and now they are including the Peninsula as part of that circuit,” added Moore who helps to organize the event for the KPBSD. According to Moore the first question most students want to know is how warm is it at your campus, “A lot times kids from small towns are drawn to larger cities for a change but also have practical questions about housing and degree programs. Historically students like to think about going outside to college but we are seeing a trend recently of more of our students choosing to stay instate and going to Fairbanks, Anchorage, Juneau or KPC,” she said. 

Over 300 students attended this year’s College Fair and many were interested in the opportunity to earn their college education while serving their country. Alaska Air National Guard recruiter Staff Sgt. Franz Deters and Airman 1st Class Lauren Ax had an exciting booth toting use of the company vehicle as a fighter jet, “We offer transferable skills by learning a military trade that is fully college credited and we will pay for 100% state tuition so they can save going into dept for school while earning money while working two days a week with their local Alaska Air Guard,” explained Sgt. Franz. “I feel I made a fantastic choice for my life,” added Lauren Ax, “I have set myself up for future where I can serve my country and go to college while earning money and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by a college education and the military perks, all while doing what I want to do,” she said.