New Hot Sandwiches & New Brews at newly remodeled Pizza Boys

The newest pizzeria in Soldotna has actually been around for several decades and has been a favorite for take out and by the slice, but Pizza Boys on the Sterling Highway just past Trustworthy Hardware is a totally new restaurant with new interior, exterior, new hot sandwiches and new old brew. Jenny Smithwick has been the Pizza Boy entrepreneur for the last 22 years and is excited to offer her faithful customers a new dinning experience at Pizza Boys, “When I was first married my dad found the opportunity for us to buy what was then Olympic Pizza and we changed the name to Pizza Boys and started making pizza and have been doing it ever since,” Jenny told the Dispatch in an interview. 

Recently Smithwick said she had the opportunity to expand into the other half of the building where Pizza Boys has been located and it has resulted in a completely new restaurant, “I thought I would like to create a new destination for locals to come and enjoy an evening out for pizza or the other new menu items we have added that includes hot pasta, hot sandwiches which can now be accompanied with a glass of beer or wine and we also have gelato now which is an Italian ice cream that is lower in calories and fat and is more dense because it doesn’t have air whipped into it and is all natural ingredients and super flavorful,” said Jenny. She says she developed her new sandwich recipes in house after years of experience, “We have a hot meatball sub which comes with our in house marinara and an Italian sausage link sub that also features the marinara sauce. We have a chicken roasted red pepper hot sandwich and a Greek flatbread sandwich and one of the most popular so far is the hot Italian sub which features pepperoni, Canadian bacon, salami and all the traditional Italian meats,” she said. 

For those enjoying a unique taste in beer Pizza Boys is offering an imported Smithwick Ale, Smithwick told the Dispatch, “I thought it would be a novelty because my last name is Smithwick but it’s actually a 300 year old brew out of Ireland that some friends told me about when they visited Ireland and told me there was a town over there where almost everyone is named Smithwick, but since we’ve been able to bring it here locally it is selling well and is really a great beer.” Pizza Boys has retained their pick up, or free delivery and take out service in addition to their new restaurant facility for an evening out with family and friends. Pizza Boys is open seven days a week Sunday and Monday 11:00am – 9:00pm and Tuesday – Saturday 11:00am-10:00pm. For take out or pick-up orders simply call 260-4800 or stop by and have a Smithwick Ale while you wait for your favorite pizza or hot sandwich.