Alaska Communications Launches 4G LTE Wireless Network

            4G LTE wireless service is now available on the Kenai Peninsula and throughout Alaska.  In an interview with the Dispatch, Randy Dobbs Alaska Communications general manager southwest district said that means faster wireless data speeds through the Great Land of Alaska. “Alaska Communications’ 4G LTE network will provide speeds up to 10 times faster than current 3G wireless networks in the state and up to twice as fast as other 4G networks, so you can expect your phone to be ten times faster and will help with skyping and video conferencing bringing customers the fastest statewide wireless data speeds allowing for more high speed functions on your smart phone,” said Dobbs.


            Mike Todd, Alaska Communications senior vice president of technology services said, “We’ve seen the demand for mobile broadband grow dramatically.  4G LTE is the latest generation of mobile wireless technology and will give customers what they want, faster mobile Internet on some of the latest devices. Alaska Communications’ 4G LTE changes the way Alaskans use their wireless devices at home, at work and everywhere in between.  Customers will be able to watch HD video on their phone, email files for business in seconds and use real-time video applications like Skype ™ without stalling,” said Todd. Alaska Communications has invested more than $500 million building Alaska’s most advanced wireless and wireline broadband data network over the last decade. 

            LTE says Dobbs is an acronym that stands for Long Term Evolution, “It’s a technology path that has been defined for a long period of time and brings the wireless networks more together and makes them more seamless.  This type of speed and the functions it allows is truly incredible. People are consuming 40% more bandwidth every year and it doesn’t seem like there is any end in sight and that’s part of the reason we built our ACORN network to the lower 48 so that we would have access to the bandwidth that will help us keep up with the demands of Alaskans.  The Alaska Communications network includes advanced broadband and voice networks and the most diverse undersea fiber optic system connecting Alaska to the contiguous United States.  In can get daunting keeping up it all but we spend a lot of time training our representatives to be able to help our customers with transitions to the new technology, and I personally believe that it’s getting easier to make those transitions,” he said.  To learn more about the new 4G LTE Dobbs invites anyone to stop in the Alaska Communications stores in Kenai, Soldotna or Homer and talk with a friendly representative or log on to