“Beer on the Last Frontier” from 2010 Beer Drinker of the Year!

Beer on the Last Frontier has been a passion of Bill Howell for a long time.  A passion that earned him the 2010 national title of Wynkoop Beer Drinker of the Year.  So it’s no surprise his new book is titled “Beer on the Last Frontier.” According to Howell the motivation for the book was actually to provide a service for those who share similar interests in the brew, “I’m frequently contacted by people who are coming up to Alaska for business or pleasure who are also beer enthusiasts like myself and will say hey I saw your blog and I’m coming to Alaska and what can you tell me about beers in Alaska and where to go to sample them and that kind of stuff and I always answer, but after the umpteenth reply I started thinking to myself that somebody should write a book.  So I started looking around and discovered no one had ever written a book about craft beer in Alaska so I took upon myself to fill the void,” Howell told the Dispatch in an interview. 

With over 23 breweries in Alaska and many winners at international competitions Howell felt it was time to write about Beer on the Last Frontier, “We brew some of the best beer in the world and I want people to know about it and spread the gospel of good beer and most importantly good Alaska beer and the book seemed the best vehicle still available to accomplish that,” he said.  Howell says the first book of his intended series covers breweries of the Kenai Peninsula and Kodiak island, “Each of the breweries and brew pups here on the Peninsula and Kodiak Island brewing has their own dedicated section in the book with lots of photos, overviews and histories of the brewery and stories of how they got into the business with interviews with the brewers and personal descriptions of their beers and brew houses and a final section that covers places other than the breweries where you can find a selection of local beers on draft or where those that are bottled can be found.  So the book is oriented toward the visitor that is not that familiar with the area and serves as a guide to where the good stores or bars with tap selections are located,” he explained.  Howell’s “Beer on the Last Frontier” is now available in soft cover print edition at the KPC book store and other local locations and breweries and on line at Amazon.com for $8.99 or can be downloaded to your Kindle for $5.99 with color photos. Howell says he’ll be glad to sign a book for anyone who wants to stop by his office at KPC Kenai River Campus where he is the Director of Student Services.