Tarma Groomers are now certified in canine CPR

Many people owe their lives to those who were in the right place at the right time and had taken the time to learn Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).  Now and in the future some of mans best friends may have similar experiences thanks to folks like Kendra Post and Stephani Batchelder of Tarma Grooming.  Stephani and Kendra, manager and assistant manager at Tarma Grooming recently returned from a dog grooming convention in Las Vegas where they obtained their certification in pet CPR. “It’s not something you would want to attempt unless you have been professionally trained, but we are around hundreds of pets in our business and felt it would be a valuable skill to have in the event of an emergency at work or elsewhere when we might be able to stabilize an animal until we can get it to a veterinarian,” explained Batchelder.  “The first thing we do is check for a pulse if a pet is not breathing and if there is a pulse we do not proceed with chest compression but would clear an airway and do mouth to nose or mouth to snout as it’s called but if the animal doesn’t have a pulse then we would do chest compressions to establish a pulse,” said Kendra.  The training included an animal doll simulator that was used for practicing correct procedure, “It was lifelike and the trainer had a hand pump so we could learn how to check for a pulse, not like a live animal but a useful training tool and without a doubt it’s not as easy as human CPR, but having the training makes me feel more confident in my job here at Tarma Grooming,” added Batchelder.  The convention offered the groomers a lot more than just pet CPR says Kendra, “Our convention we went to in Las Vegas was called SuperZoo and it had many other seminars in which we attended including creative styling, pet massage which I am also looking to be certified in here soon, and the pet CPR class was not only for that but dealt with many issues of pet first aid.”

Stephani’s mother Leslie is the owner of Tarma Grooming which has been in the same location in the Red Diamond Center off K-Beach Rd. for nearly 30 years, “I was pretty much born in this grooming shop and feel this is what I was born to do actually and I love my work and my sister now has her own shop in Homer,” said Stephani.  Dog grooming has changed a lot since Stephani’s mother opened Tarma Grooming and now can be said has moved to the next generation of styling and services and is the only local outlet for Great Life Dog Food and treats which Leslie says is the closet you can get to feeding your dog a raw diet, “It’s a kibble but has no potato or grain fillers of any kind, we have really seen this food make a difference the health of many dogs life.  We also carry a great multivitamin for your pet named Nuvet that is especially good for elder pets. Also our teeth cleaning system is meant for up keep on teeth, not a dental that would remove tartar but a great cleaning system for the teeth and mouth,” she said.  And when it comes to fashion zinging your pet for fun, dress, show or sporting events, Tarma Grooming has the all the bling and products to match your creativity, “We specialize in show grooming, but the creative stuff is what we have the most fun with and is our favorite, we have feathers and ear rings for dogs, we’ll try whatever the pet owner has in mind and we do toe nails and actually offer a nail card where you get the 11th one free. We are also trainers and professional handlers and do day and night boarding,” added Kendra.  For more information about Tarma Grooming stop by the Diamond Center Mall or visit their website at www.tarmagrooming.com or call 262-6405.