Handwritings on the wall of the new oncology hall

“What a great idea to write on a wall of a new building and not get in trouble for it and to think maybe someone in the future will be encouraged during their battle with cancer,” was echoed repeatedly by those who turned out last week for Central Peninsula Health Foundation’s “Written in Stone” event. An idea, according to Kathy Gensel director of the Foundation they got from a u-tube video, “At the Dana Farber Cancer Center they were actually writing on the steel girders of the building and we thought what a great opportunity for people to put a message in perpetuity on a wall for those who in the future will use the building for their radiation treatment. So we planned our Written in Stone event for people to write messages from the heart for hope and healing in any way they chose,” said Gensel.

Over 100 writings of all different sizes and expressions of encouragement ended up on the walls of the new oncology wing at Central Peninsula Hospital(CPH) last weekend which Gensel hopes will be visible for visitors for a while yet, “The walls will eventually be finished so those who want a photo op need to come by, but we have copies of most of them and will put them in a book which will be given free of charge to every patient that comes through the facility for their radiation therapy so they will know the words and feelings that surround them,” she said. Ed Krohn, president of the Central Peninsula Health Foundation was very pleased by the turn out, “It’s truly a historic event and for local residents this brings us a day closer for those who will need, God forbid, radiation oncology, no more driving to Anchorage. This will be state of the art treatment facility run by the same doctors who run the one in Anchorage and for our neighbors on the Peninsula these words of heart felt encouragement, healing and hope to survive this dreaded disease will be important,” said Krohn.

The Written in Stone event received statewide media coverage that has increased awareness of the new cancer center being built as well as the work of the Foundation, “We wanted folks to participate without it being a fund raiser. This community is great at fund raising but sometimes you just need to do something with no other intention than the feelings of the heart and meaning of the words. The publishing of the book is being underwritten by Dr. Halligan and Dr. Bloom as well as the Health Foundation,” said Gensel. For more information about the Written in Stone project contact Kathy Gensel at 714-4626.