Spenard Builders Supply (SBS) in Kenai is offering a cure for cabin fever with their “Minute to Win-It” weekly challenge. “We decided to have a little fun with common construction materials based on the TV show Minute to Win It. So we assembled a series of weekly challenges in our Kenai store where you can come by and check out the different challenge each week and you can enter once a day and if you’re successful at completing the challenge your name goes into a drawing for weekly prizes and on Monday, March 18th we’ll have a grand prize drawing for an SBS gift certificate,” explained SBS Kenai Store manager Jeff Warten.

According to Warten some of the challenges are pretty easy but others take a bit of dexterity and patience, “Our first challenge was a string drawn tight between two posts and you had to hang six nails in 60 seconds by their head on the string and all six nails had to remain hanging for 5 seconds without any of the nails falling off to win-it, the next week you had to balance batteries at the end of yardsticks and walk around our table without them falling off in 60 seconds, and then we had the 5 gallon water jugs you had to stack top bottom to top, top to bottom, so no heavy lifting just fun things that take a little skill like the Minute to Win It challenges,” he said. Last week’s challenge had the most successes so far and all you had to do was roll marbles to the end of a table and get them to stick on a piece of tape without rolling off. Get six to stick in a minute and you win it. “And you can always try again the next day, our crew is creating the challenges and really got behind this, they sit down every week and create the challenge and pick a new prize to give-a-way and of course no purchase is necessary to play just come by and have some fun,” added Jeff.

While playing the Minute to Win It challenge at the Kenai SBS ask Jeff or any of the helpful staff about the made in Alaska SBS Caribou Hut, a 16’ X 20’ cabin that two people can assemble in a weekend for under $10,000 depending on options. “The cabin can be built to variable dimensions but the 16’ X 20’ is the most economical. The prefab wall sections are 4’ X 8’ and are less than 120 lbs so are easy to handle and quick to assemble and even the floor joists are pre-cut. Everything is made in Alaska for Alaskans with the idea that you and a friend can build your get-a-way cabin on a remote lot in a weekend and still have time to play. Winter is a great time to do it because you can haul the whole package to your site by snow machine,” explained Warten who came up with the idea and designed the Caribou Hut.