Udelhoven Companies showcases new Nikiski Business Unit

The final Thursday in the month of February was a great time to visit the newly constructed 27,000 sq. ft. facility that now houses Udelhoven Oilfield System Services (UOSS) in Nikiski and many folks from around the community took advantage of the UOSS open house to visit the impressive new fabrication facility. Jim Udelhoven came to Alaska in 1970 with his family and started working as an electrician with the oil and gas industry in Nikiski. Establishing a reputation for customer satisfaction and completing projects on time and under budget, today with over 40 years of experience UOSS customer list includes major energy companies from around the world. According to UOSS project manager Troy McAllister the new facility was not motivated by the resurgence of oil and gas exploration activity in the Cook Inlet, “It’s more of a reflection of Jim Udelhoven’s commitment to his employees and clients to have the best facilities to work in with a quality of environment that is friendly to the worker and productive for the customer and this new building is simply the next phase of Jim Udelhoven’s investment in the community and commitment to serve the industry,” said McAllister in an interview with the Dispatch.

As the public walked in the main entrance of the new UOSS administration building the most common comment was “Wow!” and “Very nice.” “It was important to Jim Udelhoven for our employees to have input into the designing of this facility, gleaning their ideas and experience and one of the first things we did was to have meetings with our workers to discuss the facility and the flow through the shop and how we could achieve the best outcome for production. It has always been of paramount importance to Jim that we maximize our usage of local vendors on the project team. So we had a local architect Peter Klauder of Kenai who did a great job in putting our bar napkin sketches into a professional and practical design. Dick Ruckman of Superstructures and VarcoPruden provided the main structure of the building and of course we did a lot of the construction in house,” said McAllister. With offices in Anchorage and Houston the Nikiski facility has become the jewel of the Udelhoven companies, “We all work together like well trained team and everyone is very happy for us here in Nikiski and what it means to the future for UOSS. Certainly the sky is the limit in regards to what we can do in this facility. Our goal initially was to just move in and get back to doing what we were doing before and now that we are here we are open to all kinds production now that we have the availability to expand we will do whatever is of service to our clients,” said McAllister.

Over the years those clients have included many places in the lower 48, Canada, China, Turkey, Korea, Republic of Georgia, Bermuda, Singapore, Baku, Trinidad, Russia and Venezuela. The new plant represents about a $6 million dollar investment according to McAllister.