Mother and daughter partners buy The Buzz

Starting the day and returning for a mid afternoon pick up at The Daily Buzz has become part of many folks routine as they drive along the Kenai Spur Highway. Pulling by either side of the bright yellow drive through coffee cart while staying cozy and warm in your car or truck is a simple way to get to work bright eyed and bushy tailed in any weather. Now The Daily Buzz has new owners and it’s a mother and daughter partnership that promises to be a great success. Margo Reilly and her daughter Jennifer Carver, “We’ve always enjoyed a custom made cup of coffee and as Jenn was growing up we dreamed of having a shop of our own, she worked her way through college working as a barista and got a lot of practical experience,” said Reilly. “It’s a great partnership so far, she does the business end and I do the day to day managing of the shop so it works out really well,” said Jennifer.

There is more to making that perfect cup just the way you like it than most might realize, “You have to develop a good technique when you are pulling your shots and steaming your milk and doing it consistently is definitely a skill of the barista. Everyone has a particular taste in what they like and a specific drink they prefer, so we learn from our regulars and customize our skills to please the customer. The day of just pouring out a cup of Joe is gone,” she said. Jennifer graduated from Kenai Central High School in 2008 and earned her bachelors in accounting at UAA last year. “I have worked in the coffee business for six years now and having my own shop is just a dream come true. I’ve always wanted my own shop and I’m loving being partners with my mom, it’s just amazing,” added Jennifer. “It just doesn’t get any better than having your kid as a partner. Watching her flourish and doing something she loves is just a real joy. To see her take her dream and make it a reality is what any mother wants for their child,” said Margo.

This is the first month that Margo and Jennifer have owned The Daily Buzz and they are excited about the future, “We’re making changes, we love our staff, our girls are great and share our goal of making this the best coffee shop in town and we are the only shop in town that offers locally roasted Steam Dot coffee,” said Margo. “We’ve got plans for the summer when the fish start running and folks from Anchorage who know how phenomenal the Anchorage roasted Steam Dot coffee is for their Americano, fresh press, lattes and mochas drive by and have to come in for their favorite Steam Dot brew,” she said. Jennifer says that SteamDot’s mission is to make great coffees. It’s why they’re in the roasting game. They sample green coffee from all over the world and choose only the beans that are best-suited to match their roasting profiles and the tastes of our Alaskan customers. Their unique Sivetz air-roaster creates world-class flavors and aromatics and doesn’t leave behind the bitter tastes found in some barrel roasted coffees. They have a passion for what they do and the beans they roast. “Come in and taste the difference.” The Daily Buzz is open weekdays 5:30am – 6:00pm, Saturday 6:00am – 6:00pm and Sunday 9:00am – 3:00pm and is located next to Stewart Title on the Kenai Spur Highway across from Sweeney’s.