Trustworthy II makes Soldotna Hardware and Fishing a One Stop Gear & Gift Shop

Tip your hat or check the label on your jacket, vest, sweatshirt or any of your favorite outdoor sports or souvenir wear and chances are you’ll see “Drift Creek” on the label. You’d be right in thinking that Drift Creek is a popular national brand name available at retailers across the country, but you might not know that the Drift Creek designs and creations are those of Nikiski resident Doug Hodges. “It’s a family business that we started in 1982 as an embroidery company and saw a need in the market so we started designing our own baseball hats and garments and grew the business to where we are now,” Hodges told the Dispatch in an interview. Today the largest retail outlet in the local area for Drift Creek custom creations and embroidered garments is the Trustworthy 2 annex at Soldotna Trustworthy Hardware & Fishing on the Sterling Highway in Soldotna. It was Scott Miller’s vision to have a one stop shop for all your fishing and hunting gear and outdoor wear, sun glasses, hats, rain gear and gifts, said Trustworthy 2’s manager Deborah Merritt, “And that’s what’s here. While dad is checking out a new pole, reel, knife or firearm, mom can come over and browse Trustworthy 2 for her favorite outdoor wear and find the perfect Alaskan gift items for the folks back home and at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere,” she said.

There is a reason Alaska Wildgear and Drift Creek have become so popular, “I look for needs in the market and watch for the latest specialty fabrics that the mills are coming out with and then design a product based on the consumer need. If there is need for a jacket with a base layer in the market I look for the materials to meet that need and design the product to match the consumer’s need and get it made,” said Hodges. “Trustworthy 2 is the main outlet for Alaska Wildgear on the Kenai Peninsula along with Drift Creek and Granite Sportswear apparel which are our other two labels and the new store has done great in the first year that it has been open. They are right on the cutting edge of having what is popular and in demand nationally,” he said.

Hodges is a wholesaler around the country for his labels and designs that he creates locally and does sell in bulk volumes for resale or to clubs or organizations with customized logos embroidered. “Drift Creek hats are made to best fit the head and by next year we expect them to be available from coast to coast,” added Doug. To see the latest from Drift Creek, Alaska Wildgear or Granite Sportswear stop and visit Deborah at the Trustworthy 2 and join the Trustworthy Team with gear that is always trust worthy and gifts that are appreciated and used for fun and fashion for years to come.