SBS sign goes viral thanks to Star Trek's Mr. Sulu

The infamous “SBS Sign Guru,” otherwise known as Spenard Builders Supply (SBS) Soldotna Store manager Rick Abbott has done it again, tickled our funny bones while causing the frontal lobes of our brains to consider the true meanings of life. Earlier this year a quote that he placed on the SBS sign board that read, “you have never lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you,” was photographed and posted on someone’s social network site.


It found its way to the page of George Takei, the actor who played Sulu on Star Trek back in the day, and from their went viral with 1.5 million some viewings, posting or tags according to Abbott, “I was pretty surprised to hear about it myself. The first person who called me about it was a friend in Wyoming who saw it on Sulu’s site. I’m not sure where he got it from but it went viral from there around the world and all the way back to the mother ship of our company in Denver, Colorado, so millions saw our sign in Soldotna and that’s pretty cool,” he said.

Then last week just to let us know that “Break Up” was actually upon us Abbot posted an “No Fishin’” sign in his parking lot that had become a Kenai River tributary and therefore under the regulation of the Department of Fish & Game, “A semi-truck actually sunk out there but we were able to re-float it before EPA was on the scene, so now we just want to be sure we have it posted properly so no one will get in any trouble for illegal fishing out there, we’re regulated from the top of the hill all the way down you know, so ‘No Fishin’,” he joked. As another “sign” of spring Abbott reminded everyone that the Annual Builders Show is coming up this month, “Actually we have the invitational contractors show coming up April 24th then the Home Builders Show will be on April 27th & 28th this year at the Soldotna Sports Center.

The show is sold out again this year and promises to be very exciting with all the local vendors, suppliers and builders on hand with the latest in products and innovations for those interested in building a new home, remodeling or landscaping this year or just an all around good family fun show for everyone, we’re excited about it there’s a lot of new things on the market this year.

So we’ll see you at the Home Show but remember No Fishin’ in the SBS parking lot pond,” said Abbott.