Majority Arms offers ladies classes in NRA Personal Protection

As the debate on gun control rages training people in the proper use of firearms for self defense is the purpose of Majority Arms with classroom and firing range in the Sterling area. The name for Joe and Brenda Trefren’s school came from the Thomas Jefferson quote, “One man with courage is a majority.” And at Majority Arms that includes women, “We are a firearm training company and our desire is to train everybody to be able to use their firearm in a defensive situation whether it be a violent person or a dangerous animal we want people to know how to protect themselves under a stressful situation, “Brenda told the Dispatch in an interview during a Women’s Only Handgun class. “Your body goes through a lot of stress when a violent situation occurs and how to use your firearm needs to be the least of your worries, so we take our customers out on the range and to train for real life situations so they can use their firearm from its holster and be able to draw quickly and efficiently and perform all the firearm manipulations subconsciously in all situations. After a weekend with us and firing 800 some rounds your firearm becomes like part of your body and you are comfortable with your firearm,” said Trefren.

In the State of Alaska where concealed carry of hand guns is legal Trefren believes firearm training is even more important, “We definitely advocate for training. Even though I had concealed carried for over ten years before I actually trained with a firearm and once I did train I realized that I wouldn’t have had it in me mentally or physically to actually be able to use my firearm effectively and efficiently in a violent situation. Many of our clients who have hunted for years are shocked at how much there is to know. We teach the modern pistol technique, how to manage recoil and have trigger control and get your second shots quickly and a great target system that causes stress for people so they learn how to react in a stressful situation we mimic real world situations as much as possible. So the State of Alaska where anyone old enough to legally buy a firearm to carry concealed we think it’s of utmost importance to become trained in the proper use of the firearm,” said Trefren.

Majority Arms has AK State Certified Firearms Instructors and Range Safety Officers and offers classes in: Defensive Pistol, Shotgun & Rifle, Alaska Concealed Carry, Women’s Only Handgun, NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun, NRA Personal Protection in/out of home, AHA Firs Aid & CPR, with private instruction available. “Classes vary in times and availability. Our ladies only course is a two day session with an optional four hour period on Sunday afternoons which is a 500 round class. Many of our ladies have little to no firearm experience and may have never fired one in their life and are very afraid of guns and we can overcome that and provide a level of training that will eliminate the fear and provide a level of confidence and efficiency by the time the class is over. Right now we are offering a spring special with 20% off all our classes,” she said. You can find more detailed class descriptions and more information at the Majority Arms website