Make it, paint it, buy it, sell it at Tina's Consignment

When Tina’s Hair Pros moved from their former location at the “Y” in Soldotna Tina thought it a perfect time to fulfill a longtime dream of opening a consignment shop for local artisans as well as a high class venue where individuals can sell things they just aren’t interested in any longer. “I’ve always wanted to have an outlet where local artisans can share their talents; our store slogan is ‘May all our talents be of value to all who enter here. We’ve opened to serve the public and provide that thrill of discovery that can come from searching through a family attic and finding a forgotten treasure. It’s been a dream of mine to have a shop like this in our area,” said Tina. Tina says she is still doing hair five days a week at her new location next to Napa Auto Parts while Mary Hearin, Jessica Whitmore and Martina McCaughey will be assisting folks Wednesday through Saturday at the new consignment shop from 11:00am – 4:00pm.

“In just two weeks 28 consigners have already brought in the most interesting items you can imagine and we’ve had as many as 50 people in a day coming through the store to see what we have and what we have changes everyday,” said Mary. “These are not your typical garage sale type items but things that folks just may not be interested in any longer. As people get older they may realize that you know I have a lot of stuff that my kids aren’t interested in and maybe it’s a good idea to sell it now and use the cash for something else and these very items can be of great value and interest to those looking for unique gifts or items to decorate their homes,” she added. Mary says that they can help arrange for consigners to get their items into the store, “Just give us a call or stop by the shop and we can help get your goods like furniture items into the store.” Tina’s Consignment already has a wide variety of beautiful items ranging from hand carved scrimshaw ivory and jewelry to fur hats and locally crafted lady’s tool belts and beautiful hand made quilts, “It’s so much fun to work here with all these treasures I really love it,” said Mary. “I wanted to have a place where you can buy things that are made locally, not in some other country or even other state, but made right here in our community by the talented people right here in our community, Peninsula Made Alaska Made,” says Tina.