Family owned Soldotna Trustworthy Hardware & Fishing celebrates 27th Anniversary

It was a “27-7” celebration, anniversary, appreciation and swing into summer sale at Soldotna Trustworthy Hardware and Fishing last week.  Twenty seven years the Miller family of Soldotna have owned and operated the small town, full service hardware store with the same atmosphere and friendly service that made a trip to town with dad for that special nut, bolt, or fix-it widget so much fun when you were a kid.  The place that had everything you needed to get it done and if they didn’t they’d order for you.  Seven year’s ago the Miller’s held their grand opening at their new location on the corner of the Sterling Highway and Kobuk Street and on the sunny day in May over 300 people stood in line hours before the doors opened to be the first to shop at the new store and collect a souvenir silver dollar. 

            At the grill Tuesday heating up quarter pound hot dogs Brian Miller reminisced with friends and employees, “We made a deal this year for quarter pounders so that every dog was a whole meal and we did it all week long rather than just one day to give us a chance to say thank you to the community.  We wouldn’t be here without them and this is just our friendly way of saying thanks and giving our customers a chance to come in all week long and get a hot dog and have a chance to say hi,” said Brian. Free quarter pound hot dogs weren’t the only bargain during the Anniversary sale, six pages jammed packed with bargains on everything from electric bug swatters to back scratchers appeared as a special insert in the Peninsula Clarion, “We tried to offer a little bit of everything to kick off the summer season for gardening and fishing and all at special prices.  It’s been a long winter, late spring and we were happy to get folks off to a great start.  Dad and Scott and I work hard to make sure that the store has all the right, newest and latest state of the art equipment to help everyone enjoy Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula at the lowest prices anywhere,” he told the Dispatch.  Brian was just a boy when his father Paul opened the original store and now he has kids of his own working in the business, “My kids are in college now, but three generations of us have worked here and really enjoy it,” he said. 

            The Millers trademark is community service and again this year they are raffling a new Willey Boat, motor and trailer for the sole purpose of supporting local youth athletic activities, “We only sell a limited number of tickets and this year we have a drift boat as well and all the proceeds go to youth sports groups and activities, so come in and a $50 ticket might win you a real nice boat as well as support the next generation and the life skills they learn from sport activities,” said Brian.  The drawing will be held in July and tickets are only available at Soldotna Trustworthy Hardware & Fishing.  For more information log on to or call 262-4655 and an in store person will answer and be happy to help you.