Alaska's only Mud Run is challenging and fun!

Those seeking a little reprieve from Alaska’s June heat wave found the 2nd Annual Mud Run fun, refreshing and challenging. The race sponsored by and started at the New Beginnings Fitness Center at Mile 16 of the Kenai Spur Highway drew its largest field of runners yet. The 5K run this year included an obstacle course and two mud pits. Finishing “A way out yonder, ahead of them all, came a dancing and a prancing,” the noble home town Kenai High grad Mike Crawford with a clean finish of 25:30. “My friends always seem to be encouraging me to do silly things challenged me do this so I went for it and I was surprised that I did as well as I did today. The mud pits were great and pretty straight forward, but jumping underneath the ribbons and sliding on my stomach was something I’d never done in a race, at least not intentionally, but it was fun and the tire course was fantastic and mixed the race up a lot,” said Crawford at the finish line. The first woman to slush through the finish line was Bre Macha with a time of 28:34. According to Mud Run organizer and trainer at New Beginnings Fitness Center Whitney Hitchcock over 60 runners signed up for this year’s Mud Run, “If I’m not mistaken that doubles what we had last year and I’m very alright with that because we worked to make it bigger and better than last year and challenges us to make it even better next year. It’s all about more people and more mud,” Hitchcock told the Dispatch.

“I love it; it’s my idea of having child fun! And now it’s time to dole out some big Thanks to folks like L&J Enterprises for all the glorious dirt. Thank you to the Nikiski Fire Department for adding the water to said dirt and helping clean up after. Thank you to Rain for Rent for the spill guards to house all that muddy goodness and Thank you to Randy’s Glass and MT Spur Cabinets and Millwork for allowing us to put up obstacles in front of your businesses. Morgan Steel provided our helium, not to make us talk funny, but what’s an event without balloons? HUGE thanks to all the volunteers! Caitlin Wilcox and Robbie for helping make the mud pits rock! Bailey Walgenbach for helping clean the mud pits, and having the patience of a saint! Keely Powers for help timing and blowing up those beautiful balloons! Barbara and Lessa for taking all those wonderful pictures! Scott Hamann, the boss man, for allowing The Mud Run to exist and most of all to the participants! Without you guys it wouldn’t have been quite so fun! The costumes were outrageous,” said a delighted and quite muddy Whitney. All proceeds and donations from the Mud Run went to The American Cancer Society.