Artworks Alaska offers native crafts 365 days a year 24/7

The vocal stylings of Grammy nominated Bunny Swan have gained her international acclaim and her original “JIGGI” pet collars adorn canines, felines, horses and lamas all over the world.  Now the Dena’ina Athabascan Kenaitze culture bearer has a new enterprise called “Artworks Alaska” that offers native crafts on line.  “I’ve been an artist through out my life, with music being my first love but other native arts being part of my life forever.  Now I have a studio at my home where I work and invite folks to come by and watch me and other artists at work and view their crafts in person.  I’m very proud to host and honor many works from our community people here at my studio. You will find beaded and carved jewelry, music and stories, ivory, canvas, birch burl bowls, drums, glass float mobiles, and other fascinating works of art, ” said Bunny, who loves meeting people and sharing our host culture with visitors.  “In Dena’ina JIGGI means favored one and because that is the feeling many of us have for our pets the JIGGI collars are a beaded collar for pets that can be made to any size to fit your pet whether it’s a dog, cat, lama or ferret and of course you can have a bracelet or necklace to match,” said Swan.

Her new enterprise Artworks Alaska brings to the internet multimedia excellence in contemporary tradition that allows folks shopping for authentic native art availability 365 days a year 24 hours a day.  “Artworks Alaska is focused on the quality and authenticity of our artists.  We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and we take pride in placing art in good homes.  We also offer custom options where patrons may contact us and commission special pieces from dolls to jewelry, pet collars or paintings.  We are committed to creating a culturally rich and memorable exchange with our customers whether in person or over the internet,” she said.  For an appointment to visit Bunny Swan’s studio call 283-3689 or visit her online at