Carrs/Safway Gas Reward Points redeemable at the “Y” Chevron

For nearly a half century the Chevron station at the “Y” in Soldotna has been the first stop for many when arriving in Soldotna.  In the early days before there was a stop light it was a welcome sight for the traveler in need of gas, an overheated radiator or tire repair.  In those days it was the warm smile and pleasant voice of the legendary world record king salmon holder Les Anderson that greeted new comers.  Now in 2013 the smile at the landmark service station belongs to Mark and Sarah Rozak, a son of Peninsula Pioneer Greg Rozak.  Mark and Sarah have truly brought the “Y” Chevron into the 21st century with a convenience store where you can get that needed Red Bull while tanking up your rig. And speaking of your rig if it doesn’t have a Rhino lining Mark can take care of that in quick order along with any other minor or major vehicle repair that might be needed. 

Now there is another reason to stop by the “Y” Chevron because for the first time Carrs/Safeway Gas Reward Points can be redeemed at their pumps. No more waiting for a trip to Anchorage to redeem your points and watch the price fall at the pump, now it’s just a quick stop to fill up at the Y, “It’s really simple, for every dollar spent on groceries or at the Carrs/Safeway pharmacy you get a point and for every dollar spent on qualifying gift cards you get four points, for every 100 points you save .10 cents per gallon up to a dollar per gallon. Then you just pull up to our pumps and swipe your Safeway card or enter your phone number and it tells you how many points you have automatically,” said Sarah.  The Carrs/Safeway point redemption has been in place since June 1st and according to Rozak is working well, “It was crazy the first few days and we actually ran out of gas a couple times.  It was a learning curve for us, but we are up to speed now and things have settled down and it’s working very well, we’re meeting a lot of new folks and they are expressing their appreciation that we are doing it here for them.  Folks come in from Homer frequently and say thanks for doing it while picking up a snack, ice or a beverage.  We offer what you’d expect from a family owned store, we’ll check vehicle fluids tire pressure for free and we pump gas for any customer with a handicap temporary or permanent,” she said. 

Before buying the “Y” Chevron the Rozak’s were installing Rhino Linings in Kasilof, bed linings that are even more popular today because they have proven their worth over time in Alaska, “It’s a polyurethane spray on bed liner that has an awesome lifetime warranty nationwide that increases the resale value of your truck because it looks like new.  Meeting new people and being able to serve them is the best part of this business, we love the tourists and like to hear where they’re from and where they’re going,” said Sarah.