What started as a promise to invest in a bike park and have an annual competition if the bikers and skate boarders would keep their sport off the streets and away from businesses has proven to be a greater success than even former Mayor Peter Micciche anticipated, “It’s amazing how far these kids have come with their sport,” says now Senator Micciche who continues to sponsor the annual event now in its 4th year, “When you look at the level of dedication and discipline that goes into this sport to successfully land one of these tricks like a back flip it takes thousands of attempts before they can do it consistently and I’m really proud of these guys who have lived up to their end of the bargain. We’ve gone from having sixty some complaints from businesses in Soldotna to having zero, but more importantly is that this is a group of very talented young people who deserve recognition for their efforts,” added Micciche.

The weather fortunately held out all day Saturday for a great pool of competitors that turned out for the event. Participants came from as far away as Eagle River and Anchorage to join our Peninsula athletes and enjoyed great sportsmanship, a high level of competition and great food during the free event. “Our youngest competitor this year was 4-years-old and the oldest 23, many thanks to our sponsors and volunteers for funding and supporting the event, including the City of Soldotna, Tesoro Alaska, the Micciche Family, Mayor Nels Anderson, Soldotna Parks and Recreation, ConocoPhillips, Riverside Assisted Living, Jumpin’ Junction, Andrew Carmichael, Krista and Sean Schooley, Larry Semmens, Doug Letch, Beemun’s, Gamas Design, James Clark, Merrill Sikorski and many parents/kids that volunteered and helped judge the event.