17th Annual Old Timers Supper brings pioneers together at Kenai Senior Center

There was a huge turn out at this year’s Old Timers Supper at the Kenai Senior Center. “I didn’t get an official count yet, but we had a full house that’s for sure,” said co-organizer and long time Peninsula pioneer Peggy Arness. One of the traditions of the Old Timers event is the mystery guest that Arness selects and in complete secrecy without even her son or co-organizer JoAnn Hollier having as much as a hint who it is, she writes clues to see who is the first to guess it and win a prize, some year’s she has stumped the old timers but not this year she told the Dispatch, “Not only did I stump them last year, but the mystery guests didn’t even show so that was a bit awkward. This year I may not have made it easier but it was one of those people that if you knew them it was easy to recognize the clues.

The mystery guest this year was Olga Hillary, a lovely lady who lives out on the North Rd. and has lived here for over fifty years and I think many of us have known them forever,” said Arness. “We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years but not so many in the spirit of the community and I feel the people want it that way and that they enjoy the casual, laid back kind of atmosphere. It’s casual events like this once in awhile really helps us keep in touch and not get too busy to visit with each other,” she said.

“We look forward to this every year and we had a big crowd of more than 200 people this year,” said JoAnn Hollier. “Of course everyone is welcome to come to the Kenai Senior Center five days a week for lunch or to visit, but you have to be at least 60 to get a senior meal. For our Old Timers lunch it was $6.00 for everyone over 60 and $11.00 for everyone else, but for the meal that was served you just can’t beat that deal anywhere in the world. At this event there are no politicians, no speeches this is just a fun time for us to get together, it came out of our weekly Thursday get togethers and people wanted to join us so Peggy and I decided to open it up once a year for everybody who wants to join in our fun. We also have a time to remember those who have passed on over the last year and while that’s sad it’s a way for us to remember and celebrate their lives,” said Hollier.