Mountain Mama Originals available in the loft at Odie's Bead-It!

The days of wanting to find something original, hand crafted and uniquely Alaskan with out having to max out your credit card have arrived in Soldotna at Mountain Mama Originals on Lovers Lane upstairs in the loft of Odie’s Bead-It. Thanks to designer and seamstress Susanna Evins, aka “Mountain Mama.” “Finding comfortable, functional and attractive clothing that can be described as walking art can be quite the formidable task,” says Susanna. As an example while cross-country skiing last winter Susanna became frustrated daily with her ski skirt, “Instead of settling for inadequate gear it became an inspiration to create a tunic that empowers woman through its functionality and style. I combined my new vision with the twelve years of sewing experience and created a Mountain Mama Original tunic. My goal for designing this tunic was to produce a quality product that is lightweight, durable, fitted for mobility, and has a flare for art. The collar is structured for warmth and gives it an attractive flow. The material is a high quality anti-peel fleece enabling the tunic to maintain its artistic edge and successfully weather many years of use,” she explained.

Evins says she decided to step out of her basement into the new Mountain Mama Originals when her youngest entered pre-school, “I’m a mom first and after my youngest was in pre-school I decided to ad to our family the experience of running a business and expand what I’m passionate about. Being a seamstress I can custom design anything for anyone and so many women simply were not made to fit off the rack clothes and I love making clothes that are truly a custom fit. An additional touch of simplistic uniqueness is created by my use of buttons handcrafted from my personal collection of antler sheds. Leather appliqué on the hood and bottom of the tunic further developed a one-of-a- kind product. I love using hand-dyed hemp material and my own creative appliqué designs

Each tunic is crafted to be supremely functional and transforms the owner into a walking piece of art, additionally custom designed clothes never go out of style and last many years because of the hand made quality,” says Susanna. Mountain Mama Originals is open Monday – Friday 10:00am -6:00pm and Saturday’s 10:00am – 3:00pm. You can find her at local festivals or see many of her creations at her website www.mountainmamaoriginals.xom or on Facebook where you can enter to win monthly give-a-ways on the 21st of every month.

Call 907-395-7010 and ask for Mountain Mama, “Join my passion for clothing that strengthen woman’s beauty and equips them to embark on life’s adventures.”