Liz's Cards & Gifts opens in Peninsula Center Mall

Retired U.S. Marine Chris Lisenby, his wife Misty and family have opened a new Platinum Collection Card & Gift store called “Liz’s Cards & Gifts” in the Peninsula Center Mall in Soldotna. So who’s Liz? “Liz is a nickname I got when I was in the Marine Corp,” Chris told the Dispatch. “My last name is Lisenby and a lot of the guys couldn’t be bothered to say Lisenby all the time so they shortened it and started calling me Liz and it stuck. I though it was kind of nice that they nicked named me and made it their own. So when we started a business we wanted to name it after everybody in our family and our last name is kind of different and you don’t see it very often so we took the military nickname Liz’s Cards & Gifts as our family name because the business is about all of us not just one of us,” Liz explained. Daughter Ree’Lynn proudly demonstrated an electronic globe yielding Buddha and when asked if she was proud that her daddy was a Marine she Promptly replied, “Yes Sir! And be sure to tell everybody about our Pet of the Month. Every month we have a special stuffed pet for sale, last month it was an alligator and this month it’s a white tiger.”

Liz’s Cards & Gifts is a store that will take you back to a time before internet, laptops and I-phones when families would spend time looking at racks of greeting cards for whatever occasion and then find the perfect card or gift that a loved one would keep for a lifetime. “I worked at a Hallmark store in Anchorage for many years and when my husband and I started talking about starting a family business this is what I wanted because not only my experience but this is truly my passion, I love greeting cards and making people happy by sending them,” explained Misty. At Liz’s Cards & Gifts you’ll find custom community laugh cards, “Our card company Freedom Cards has personalized their cards for our community that includes Kenai, Soldotna and Homer and cards with just Alaska themes,” explained Chris. Misty feels that cards are as popular as ever and becoming more so as the new generation looks for a way of bring back a personal touch that can get lost on the internet, “It means something when you know that the person who sent the card really signed it and took the time to pick it out and buy it especially for you. Those sentiments are special and are often kept by those who receive them,” she said. And speaking of keepsakes Liz’s Cards & Gifts is carrying the world famous Lenox line of custom collectables and china, “Lenox is an American company that is well known for its fine china and make exquisite figurines and we will be carrying their complete line of high quality hand painted Christmas ornaments, and we will also be getting in one complete set of Lenox Christmas China and once its gone its gone,” said Chris. The family is also proud of the prices they are able to sell their cards for, “Nobody can touch our prices the highest price for any of our cards in the store is $4.50 and they are 50% off every day so that’s only $2.25 cents a card,” he said. Liz’s Cards & Gifts is open seven days a week Monday – Friday 10:00am-8:00pm, Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm and Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm. Visit them at the Peninsula Center Mall or call 907-260-GIFTS with any questions.