"Laissez les bon temps roulez!"

Rajun Cajun perfection makes the Good Times Roll!

Their motto: “Laissez les bon temps roulez” may be Cajun French, but to Alaskans fortunate enough to live on the Kenai Peninsula it means, “Let the good times roll.” And those good times can now be accompanied by authentic Louisiana Cajun recipes dished out by the family owned Rajun Cajun drive through located next to Nikko Garden on the Spur Highway in Soldotna. The perception that Cajun food is spicy hot just isn’t so according the chefs Nocona Doucet and her daughter Kristal, “Cajun food is simply food that is seasoned to perfection. A lot of people think it means spicy but it isn’t really all that spicy, it’s just a seasoning all of its own and seasoned right,” explains Nocona, whose family hails from Louisiana. Asked what those seasonings are Doucet laughs, “Now as a Cajun you know that is a secret! But it’s not all that complicated just a lot of regular salt and pepper, roux is the base for all sauces and a little crawfish boil and gumbo filet and while these are things hard to find on the Peninsula we ship them up directly from Louisiana,” she said.

The Rajun Cajun features two specials each day which changes through out the week Monday through Friday. “Sometimes we may run out but if I do we just start cookin’ again and if you’re having a party I can cook meals for up to about 75 people if I have a couple days notice,” she says. Nocona and her family were born and raised in Southwest Louisiana, “My mother and grandmother taught me how to cook like their mother’s and grandmothers and these are recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and now my daughter and grandkids are all helping out here at our Rajun Cajun.” What brought the Doucet’s to Alaska, “Well, when you don’t like the heat and want to cool off you head north and this is pretty far north, but I’ll tell you what there are more Cajun’s here than what you might have thought because I’ll tell you they are crawling out of the woodwork to get this cookin’ and those who aren’t Cajun are converting their friends and bring them over here to taste it because they’ve heard what’s goin’ on or have seen our ads in the Clarion,” The Rajun Cajun has been serving up the good times since June, formerly located on the Sterling they moved to their new location on the Spur Hwy where they have been open since September 2nd.

For more information or to order in advance call Nocona or Kristal, Jack or Oliver (the grandkids) at 907- 953-2924.