Angeles-Tawara is U.S. Marine, Hometown Hero

The day he would return home and wear the dress uniform of a U.S. Marine was a vision that Colin Angeles-Tawara kept in his mind every day of his basic training. “It was in the front of my mind everyday and pushed me through the hard times and helped with mind games and homesickness, drilling all day everyday, 18 hours that seemed like an eternity,” Pvt. Tawara told the Dispatch in an interview last week when his dream became a reality and he returned a Hometown Hero. Tawara is the third KCHS class of 2013 graduate to return home after completing basic training and said he and his classmates were motivated to serve their country, “I wanted to insure that the rights that I was afforded throughout my life would be secure. It’s something that all Marines have in common; loyalty to country, honor and comradery. When I ran into my other classmates five weeks into basic training at church it was a real surprise but super motivational. We had being a Kenai Kardinal in common, but all my family and friends told me if you want to be the best be a Marine, if you want the greatest challenge in the world be a Marine and now we had that brotherhood in common too. It really inspired me. Wearing this uniform feels fantastic, it’s been a long road, the longest three months of my life and I still have a long time ahead of me but I’m excited about what’s to come and very proud to be a Marine,” said Tawara.

Following his ten days of leave Tawara will proceed to Camp Pendleton in California for Marine combat training to further his skills. He says his plans for the future are to pursue his military career as a U.S. Marine. To learn more about opportunities in the United States Marine Crops visit Staff Sergeant Rehm at recruiting office in the Peninsula Center mall in Soldotna or call 262-2243.