Local physician Robert Thompson’s new book in collaboration with health journalist Kathleen Barnes is causing a lot of local interest and worldwide internet chatter. At his open house and book signing last week people were lined up on a beautiful autumn afternoon an hour ahead of time to be among the first ten to receive a free book and purchase a hair and tissue mineral analysis. “The book is a re-write and update of the original text that came out in 2008 that includes additional material and references. Additional research has come out since the first books that confirms our assertion that calcium is not necessarily good for us and that we need to know for sure and the way to find out is through tissue analysis which we discuss thoroughly in the book,” Dr. Thompson told the Dispatch in an interview. The Calcium Lie according to Dr. Thompson is the perception that osteoporosis is caused from a calcium deficiency, “Ask 999 people including medical doctors what is osteoporosis, a loss of what from your bones and what builds strong bones everyone answers calcium and that’s a lie. It’s caused from a loss of minerals and you cannot possible replace minerals with calcium you must replace minerals with minerals that’s just the way it is,” he said. In his new book Thompson discusses who actually needs calcium and why. After decades of the demonization of salt and recommendations for low sodium diets amazingly enough Thompson says that the majority of the population isn’t getting enough salt, “My assertion in chapter four of the book is that most hypertension is actually caused by sodium deficiency, not excess and that is based on over 2,000 mineral and tissue analysis over 13 years that have shown the same exact finding in every case. I discuss the fact that in the book that the body literally cannot work without sodium and with too much calcium in the body you end up loosing sodium and potassium which I call the calcium cascade which leads to a difficulty in getting amino acids into the body,” he said.

Dr. Thompson received his medical training at the University of Kentucky and is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist who has practiced in California, Pennsylvania, Hawaii and Alaska. Today more than half of his patients come for nutrition counseling, among them men and children as well as women. Co-Author Kathleen Barnes is a widely traveled journalist with more than 35 years of experience in publishing, print and broadcast media, co-authoring more than 15 books. In recent years she has specialized in medical, health and sustainable living subjects for magazines and newspapers, she currently lives in North Carolina. Their controversial book “The Calcium Lie II” is available on line or from most book sellers and can be downloaded from Kindle. Hard copies are also available at Dr. Thompson’s clinic on Marydale directly across from Central Peninsula Hospital. You can find out more about Hair & Tissue Analysis by calling his office at 907-260-6914.