The Fitness Place opens new CrossFit Box

The new owners of The Fitness Place are the father and son team of Scott and Brennen Jackson of Soldotna. Brennen told the Dispatch that he had been working in the corporate fitness world in Seattle when he became burned out with the corporate world’s focus on profits from membership and started to dream about coming home to Alaska and having his own gym. “So I called Pops and shared my idea,” he said. “My first response was well, nice dream Brennen but! Then I started thinking about it and threw a text to the former owner of The Fitness Place Doug Hodges who was a field customer of mine and asked if had ever thought of selling The Fitness Place and one thing kind of led to another and with the benefits of bringing my son and grandson home, which would make my wife very happy it didn’t take much encouragement to come up with a deal,” said Scott. “It’s important in business to produce a product that will make money, but our focus is on people being the most important part of our product and its healthy, happy people that will create a successful business,” he added.

Since the Jackson’s bought The Fitness Place this summer they have been working pretty much 24/7 remodeling, bringing in new equipment and expanding by building a new TFP CrossFit gym called a “Box.” Brennen, a cross fit trainer explained, “CrossFit is a program of high intensity, functional movements where we constantly vary our workouts which is a style of training that adds intensity and utilizes big muscle groups. The program is designed to be community related so that people who do CrossFit build friendships and get really close with one another. It’s not just about coming into a gym and sweating with your earphones in, but you actually build relationships with the people you are working out with.” According to Brennen CrossFit is for any age group, “CrossFit does have a CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Teens, but to start with we have a 16 year-olds and up limit, so juniors and seniors in high school this is a perfect chance to come in and start training CrossFit. Its infinitely scalable and the work out is customized to the individual’s limitations, injury or fitness level. What is awesome about CrossFit is that the needs of the elite athlete and the needs of grandma don’t really differ in kind we all need be moving the same way but may differ in degree so we make things either harder or easier for the individual to accomplish their goals.” Brennen says if you are new to CrossFit you are required to enroll in the foundations two week program that meets four times and covers the nine foundational movements that are used in CrossFit, “We do this number one for safety so that people learn to move correctly and without pain, preventing injury and having to take time off which is the worse thing for you meeting your fitness goals. With our CrossFit membership we program your workouts, instruct your movements, and offer nutritional advice and mobility and movement analysis. We are committed to each client during every workout, so you are getting an awesome group session for a fraction of the cost of a private coach,” he said.

In addition to the new TFP CrossFit Box The Fitness Place continues to offer Zumba, Body Pump, Power Pacing and Yoga classes on a regular basis seven days a week. For more information stop by The Fitness Place at the corner of the Kenai Spur Highway and MaryDale in Soldotna, or call 262-4690. The Fitness Place is open 7 days a week from 5:00am – 10:00pm.