Kids' Class Day Care opens at Willow Street Mall

With day care being a common need in today’s community due to family economic needs and two working parents, finding a trusted day care provider can be as important as parenting itself. To make that choice easier, former Kenai Police Officer and mother of two Trish Gordon has opened the new “Kids’ Class” day care center in the Willow Street Mall near IGA in Kenai. The spacious facility provides services for childcare, pre-school, and before- and after-school care.


“For me it was a big thing, having someone else take care of my kids, and that’s the main reason I switched careers from law enforcement to child care. I’m taking care of other kids now just like I’m taking care of my own kids at Kids’ Class,” whispered Gordon in an interview during naptime at the center.

Gordon says she made the toy selections based on what she knew her kids would enjoy and would learn from. And when it comes to snack time, it’s Mom’s choice, not just cheese and crackers.

“Sure, I have some Fishes, but you can’t raise healthy kids on cheesy crackers, so I make sure they get healthy snacks. I’m a mom feeding my kids right next to yours,” said Gordon.

The Kids’ Class day care offers some 3,000 square feet of spacious rooms for play and study including an infant room and a toddler room. The largest room is for the pre-schoolers with play and story time areas and a smaller room for school-age kids for before- and after-school care.

“My goal is to make the best use of the children’s time while they are here. I want the after-school kids to get their homework done here so that when they go home they are free to enjoy quality family time with Mom and Dad. I want my kids to have their work done when they go home. When I used to drop my kids off for day care elsewhere I wanted them doing something positive, learning, making progress and getting something out of the time they are at day care, and that’s what Kids’ Class is all about,” said Gordon.

She invites the community to come by and visit the facility, which is open Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 6:00pm. For more information call Trish at Kids’ Class at 394-3787.