The month of November was a fragrant one for shoppers in and around the Peninsula Center Mall as Sportsman’s Warehouse filled the air with the aroma of deep fried turkeys every weekend. Many shoppers followed their noses into the store where free samples were offered from the latest electric oil-free turkey deep fryers.


“Each Saturday we deep fried three turkeys, showcasing a different marinade for each turkey and demonstrating the differences between the traditional turkey deep fryer and the new electric oil-less deep fryer,” explained Sportsman’s Camping Manager Ryan Fielden, who was the turkey chef during the Thanksgiving month of November. After her taste test, 10-year-old Lydia Crezee said her favorite was the oil-free garlic herb turkey, and her mother Melissa agreed.

“It works almost like a rotisserie,” said Fielden. “They use an infrared or electric technology that allows you to drain the excess fat from the bird into a dripping pan that can be used for gravy or other things if you choose after the bird is done. Actually it’s a healthy option, but does take longer than the traditional deep fryer, like ten minutes a pound versus three minutes,” he said.

In the blind taste comparison of the traditional versus the oil-free deep fryer, Fielden said it was about a 50/50 decision. “Many folks still really enjoy the crispy snap of the skin with the traditional deep fried bird, but for those who are more health conscience and looking for an alternative to turkey deep fried in oil, the electric option does provide an excellent, very juicy turkey with just a little extra cooking time. Many customers preferred the oil-less taste and took a new cooker home for the holidays,” he said.

Sportsman’s Warehouse also gave away a free turkey each Saturday during the month of November. “All my staff in the camping department became very well-versed and proficient in the new turkey technology and will be happy to showcase the new cookers as well as tell you about the injectable seasoning rubs that were so popular.”

“The free tasting of the turkeys may be over but we do hope that folks who choose to deep fry their turkeys during the holidays will, first off, be safe and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions for use. And remember, never deep fry a frozen turkey. Feel free to stop in the store with any questions you might have or to learn more about the latest turkey technology here at Sportsman’s Warehouse,” said Fielden.