While the times may be a changin’ the “old” sometimes is as desirable as the “new, as it is with the latest in electronic game technology. “To play some of the original games like Atari and Nintendo when the kids come home for the Holidays is a blast,” says Randall Spencer the owner of the new Play N Trade gaming center in the Peninsula Center Mall. “We saw a need in the community to recycle new and formerly played video games and equipment, so we picked up this store out of Fairbanks and brought it here to the Peninsula. We offer the new gamers as well as the oldsters a place to play video games and try out the latest to hit the market while having fun,” Spencer told the Dispatch. Since opening in October ,Spencer says he has taken in some 6,000 games in trade, “We’ve been bringing in some of the good old Atari 2,600’s, cleaning them up and reselling them, lots of Nintendo’s, Play Station’s, Play Station II’s and the old X-Boxes, they are all valuable and some of the old console games are becoming collectable but more importantly are still enjoyable and fun to play,” he says.

The new Play N Trade is not only a place to trade and recycle games, but is a great place to play and try out the latest games on the market at their Players Club, “We have a Players Club that is connected to the internet and for $5.00 an hour you can come and play whatever you like. We also have an area that you can rent for birthday or gaming parties with your friends if you want. You can come in and try out whatever you like, we have literally every video game that is out there and almost every console and instead of paying $59.99 at the big box stores you can pay $19.99 for a previously played game and everything that goes out of the store is guaranteed. We have a tech available for repair of consoles and have a money back guarantee on everything,” explained Randall, who also owns GNC vitamin store in the Mall. “We keep folks energized and healthy so they can be the best gamer they can be,” he chuckled. Play N Trade also hosts game tournaments, “We’re hosting a lot of different tournaments, and we’ve had them for Ghosts, Modern Warfare and Warfare II so we decided on Black Ops II Zombies for last Saturday. It’s a ‘Grief’ mode that pitches teams against each other and the team that survives the longest wins. Last week we gave away a $100 grand prize and a $50 dollar for second place and we’ll be having more tournaments in the New Year, just like us on facebook for all the latest details.” Call 1-(888)286-5059 for more information or go to www.facebook.com/playntradesoldotna.

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