While there were no shortages of traditional Holiday events on the Peninsula this year, it seems like there is always room for something new to express appreciation for another good year on the Kenai Peninsula. Such an event was the Cupcake Happy Hour at Re/Max of the Peninsula in Kenai last week hosted by Glenda and her son Jason. “It was a new concept for us and we decided to try it out and throw a fun party for our clients and vendors. We had a good time,” said Glenda, “It’s been a wonderful 2013 and we are sharing the happiness and we were so glad so many folks turned out for a cupcake. We had sweet potato cupcakes, coconut cupcakes, several varieties ultimate chocolate and even a few from Sweet Sensations,” she added.

Glenda Feeken and her son Jason are well know realtors on the Peninsula representing the national Re/Max franchise, “We’re a national franchise that gives us a global market plus access to everyone in the lower 48. It’s a great concept that allows us to network and market our local properties statewide, nationally and worldwide,” explained Feeken. 2013 was a good year for the real estate market according to Glenda, but the closing months of the year were surprisingly active, “I think there is a lot of optimism in the air about what is going on out the North Rd., in the Cook Inlet with the resurgence of the oil and gas industry and talk of a pipeline and the belief that this time in might actually happen. The hardest thing is to explain to people that right now is the most fabulous time of the year to put your house on the market. I know it’s difficult during the holidays, but if you have buyers looking that are serious you have far less competition than you will have come April and May,” she said. Feeken says real estate is a people business and she likes seeing buyers and sellers happy at the end of a transaction. Yes, the Cupcake Happy Hour will be an annual event, “Of course we’re going to do it again, folks had a fun time and there were no designated driver’s necessary.”