For several decades readers of the Peninsula Clarion have been fascinated, entertained, educated and inspired by the adventures of Polly Crawford in “The Perils of Polly!” Now those adventures have been published in the fourth book by author and journalist Polly Crawford titled, “Perils of Polly, Adventures of an independent traveler.” In a recent interview with the Dispatch, Crawford says the compilation has been a long time in coming, “I have Perils that were written from when I first moved to Alaska and wrote a column for the Tacoma Tribune in Washington that was all about building a cabin on a mountain top, which was definitely crazy and perilous. Then when I worked for the Clarion and wrote Perils of Polly about raising kids in the Alaska wilderness it caught on and grew from there. So when I started traveling I just said why not and kept the column going. I had always wanted to travel and my life’s goal has always been to be able to make a living traveling,” said Polly. The Perils of Polly covers all of her world travel adventures that appeared in the Clarion plus many others.

The Perils of Polly is Crawford’s fourth book that she has written in the last year and follows “Yukon Deception”, which was her first fiction novel. “Yukon Deception”was based on Christian suspense when a man uses the scripture to control a woman and takes place in Kenai and Ruby Alaska. “Angel of the Flesh,” Crawford co-authored with Vicky Walber, pastor of Ministry of Living Stones in Sterling. Her other book is a 30 day devotional entitled “Horse Sense for Believers.” “I’d been working on that one for years and finally got to finish it.” Crawford says she decided to be a writer when she got a B in college chemistry, “I decided at that point to pursue journalism and forget chemistry.” Locally you can find Crawford’s books at Kings Treasure in Kenai and River City Books in Soldotna. Horse Sense for Believers is available at both Cadre Feed in Soldotna and Kenai Feed on K-Beach Rd. Or you can visit her website at, or at