2 Sisters bring Heart-Healthy Wild Alaska to your door

Two Soul Sisters Annette King and Roylene Stout have opened their new location of “2 Sisters Alaska Seafood” on the Kenai Spur Hwy where formerly there was a Tesoro Stop & Go store. “We may not be blood sisters, but we sure are soul sisters,” Annette King loves to explain, “In 2007 my sister and I started the business over on Bridge Access Rd., then a couple of years later she decided she needed to go back to Florida, so back she went and Roylene decided that she’d like to be my partner so now we are soul sisters.” Originally an internet seafood business 2 Sisters decided to open a retail store when they moved to their new location, “We wanted locals as well as visitors to have a year round opportunity to come in and buy seafood while looking over our unique selection of Alaskan made gifts that we have in our store,” said Roylene. All the gifts at 2 Sisters are hand crafted in Alaska by Alaskans from etched wooden bear paw carvings to ceramic salmon dishes you won’t find anything with a Made in China sticker on the back. “A couple out in Sterling make the bear paws right in their home and we love them. The borrow bowls are very special to me because they are made by my father Roy Baldwin of Sterling and we are the only store that carries his work. He’s done this since 1977 and has become somewhat of a legend in his craft,” added Roylene.

2 Sisters slogan is “Heart-Healthy to Your Door” and for the sisters it’s a mission, “Our primary business is to get heart healthy fish, not just something that’s called salmon but is raised in a pen, but the authentic wild seafood that truly contains the healthy antioxidants and fish oils that are healthy for your heart. We aim to get heart healthy seafood to people wherever they are. We have the product processed to our specifications, flash frozen and vacuumed sealed then shipped and delivered frozen to your door,” explained Annette. “Our frozen king crab claws way a pound to a pound and a half each and are becoming unique and hard to get now in that size claw. Our lox are also very special; it’s cold smoked and very low in sodium and the people we have sent it to have written rave reviews of our lox. Salmon caviar is relatively new and new to us, it’s made from sockeye roe and is simply delicious and becoming very popular.”

At 2 Sisters you’ll also find salmon bacon, sausage and bacon bits from Fred West’s Tustumena Smoke House. “We’re also quite proud to have a few diamond willow walking canes made by my dad Roy Baldwin. I’ve gone with him up to the Delta area to pick diamond willow and I’ll tell you it’s not easy and increasing in rarity,” said Roylene. “The best part of the business is knowing that we’re helping people become healthy and stay healthy with good Alaskan wild fish products and we love to visit with our customers so come in and visit awhile with us soul sisters,” concluded Annette King. You can do that five days a week Monday-Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm as well as seeing their products on line at 2SistersAlaskaSeasfood.com or call locally 335-2747 or toll free 888-355-2747.