Odie's Deli now open at Kenai Airport

The second “Odie’s Deli” is now open at the Kenai Airport. It’a great news for travelers and residents of the All America City who will be happy to have local access to the famous Odie’s Big Sandwich and home made delicious soups. It all started many year’s ago when Odie, a loving mom and homemaker who loved packing her kids lunch boxes with fresh sandwiches made of homemade bread. She decided to share her talents in the kitchen and opened her first sandwich shop in Soldotna where Papa Murphy’s is now located. Odie’s was an immediate success and quickly became a lunch destination for locals and tourists who loved good homemade food that satisfied big appetites and reasonable prices.

Unfortunately an illness caused Odie to close her original sandwich shop. A few years later, having beaten the illness she opened up her next successful business known as “Odie’s Bead-It” again simply sharing with the community what she loved to do. A few years later Odie’s daughter Melodie decided to bring back the Big Sandwich and re-opened the deli in its present Soldotna location which was once home to a Wendy’s and then a Burger King, “About eight and half years ago we decided to start all over again and bring back our great food and now we are excited to have the store open in Kenai. We’re doing everything here exactly the way we do it in Soldotna. Our menu is the same and we’re cooking and baking everything fresh here on site from scratch just like everyone likes us to do. That includes our cookies and cinnamon rolls and all the yummy things people love to come to Odie’s for. My mom taught me well but I’m a recipe finder and creator, I love to play and tweak recipes to make them my own so that’s what I’ve done over the last eight years. I have a lot of breads that have my signature on them as well as some of the soups that we feature every day. We always have a choice of two homemade soups everyday and they change every day but stay the same for each day of the week with the second soup of the day rotating, folks love the variety,” Melodie told the Dispatch.

Odie’s at the Kenai Airport features restaurant and lounge parking at the side of the airport with a separate side entrance so you don’t need to hassle airport traffic if you just want to stop in for breakfast or lunch. “It’s nice for the folks in Kenai to have a place of their own at the airport and if you want to take a sandwich along for you flight you can call it in ahead of time and we’ll have ready for you when you arrive. Our number in Kenai is 907-335-2540 and in summer we’ll do fishermen’s lunch boxes and can do large orders and big parties,” said Melodie. Odie’s at the Kenai Airport is open 7 days a week Monday-Saturday 7:00am – 7:00pm and Sunday 7:00am – 3:00pm.