Community wishes Tom & Lynn Hodel a Happy Retirement

Tom and Lynn Hodel left their Soldotna Pharmacy as owners for the last time Friday, March 21st after a parade of friends and customers came by to wish them well and thanks for their service over the years. “This will be a whole new experience for us. This community has been such a blessing to us through the years and it’s going to be hard to step aside. We’ll miss our employees and people we see every day, but we’re excited about the next phase of our life and while it’ll be different we’re looking forward to it with strong emotions,” said Tom. Earlier this year at the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce annual awards luncheon the Hodel’s were honored with the Pioneer Award given to those who have made significant improvements and contributions to the community. Tom said they plan to retire right here in the community, “This is our home this is where our friends are, but we’ll have the opportunity to travel more and spend time with our granddaughters and we have a grandson on the way in Colorado, so we’re excited about the coming years and what the future has in store for us,”

While the Hodel’s won’t be at the Soldotna Pharmacy everyday everything else that the small town friendly pharmacy has become known for will stay the same, “The new owners are wonderful guys and want to continue the traditions that folks appreciate. It’s a good fit for everybody. They want to do a lot of the same community involvement that we’ve been associated with, the staff will stay the same Kimberly will be manager and Justin the pharmacy manager and the same customer service and patient care that we’ve become known for will continue,” said Hodel. New owners Kevin Faris and Dan MacPhee were on hand to congratulate the Hodel’s as well and meet all their friends, “We’re excited to embrace the great legacy that Tom and Lynn have created, we’ll keep it local, supporting the community and give back as much as we can,” MacPhee told the Dispatch. He said it was the community that drew him and inspired him to purchase the pharmacy, “When we first met Tom and Lynn we knew it was a fantastic business opportunity and something we became excited to be a part of,” he said. MacPhee and his partner Kevin Faris will continue to live in Washington, “We’ll be up on a regular basis but we have full confidence in the staff and the team here that will keep the business on the same path that has made it so successful,” added MacPhee.