April proclaimed Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Kenai and Soldotna

As the month of April passes into history it should be remembered through all the other 11 months of the year that it was jointly proclaimed by the cities of Kenai and Soldotna as “Sexual Assault Awareness Month.” Kenai Mayor Pat Porter read, “Whereas, sexual assault is an intolerable violent crime with public health implications for every person in the Central Kenai Peninsula and no one person, organization, agency or community can eliminate sexual assault alone; and Whereas sexual violence prevention can be better addressed through education, counseling, support of victims/survivors, and the increased support for service agencies in collaboration with the LeeShore Center; and Whereas, The LeeShore Center its staff and volunteers work year around to address sexual assault by providing 24 hour crisis services, offering support to those impacted by sexual assault and providing prevention education and survivor empowerment information to schools, churches and civic organizations, as well as to medical, mental health, law enforcement, education and criminal justice personnel; and Whereas The LeeShore Center continues to develop and improve the quality of service for those most profoundly and directly impacted by sexual violence; Now we the mayors of Kenai and Soldotna jointly proclaim April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.”

In receiving the official document Barbra Waters of the LeeShore Center commented, “The mayors and I agree that we would like to see the Center go out of business and this campaign ended, but until that time we will continue to bring awareness to people about what is happening around them in hopes that may even step in and prevent some incidents. Kenai and the LeeShore Center I a pilot for the green dot program designed to prevent violence,” she said. For more information on the Green Dot program contact Barbra Waters at the LeeShore Center in Kenai.