"Bean Queen" returns to her throne at Black Jaxx BBQ

Many Alaskans who head south for the winter are jealously referred to as “Snow birds” by those who wish they could do the same. However, as some snow birds returned to the Peninsula this year to be asked how their winter was, a common reply was “Much worse than the one you had.” So was the reply from Oklahoma summer entrepreneur Harold Blunt of Black Jaxx Barbeque in Soldotna, who was happy to be back with his Bean Queen Nicki and selling out over 500 lbs of barbeque daily from his location across from Bailey’s furniture in Soldotna. “It was a cold winter down there and we don’t do barbeque down there, we vacation in Oklahoma,” said Harold who spends 18 hours a day 7 days a week manning his customize designed cooker, “I guess my day never ends, we sell out by afternoon and I start at 8:00 o’clock each night preparing the fresh meats for the cooker. My smoker uses only local alder woods cut especially for the right temperature and smoke for the 16 hour cook and that’s the secret that is really no secret just like anything else there are no short cuts if you want good meat to taste right it takes time so really my days never end until I head back to Oklahoma,” said Harold.

Ever since Harold, the “King of Black Jaxx Barbeque” married Nicki she has become known fondly as the “Bean Queen.” “I got the original recipe from Harold and started expanding it from there and the beans are something that absolutely everyone loves,” says Nicki, but when asked what the secret, seemingly addictive ingredient is both Harold and Nicki laugh then get serious and say in harmony, “We can’t tell anyone that!” Black Jaxx is open daily from 11:00am until 6:30pm or until they sell out which always is before 6:30. Black Jaxx is famous for their barbeque ribs, so tender the meat falls off the bone and into your mouth, brisket of beef, pulled pork, barbeque chicken, and bologna and of course the Bean Queens homemade barbeque beans. Black Jaxx will happily cater your event or party with advance notice just call Nicki, Keegan or Harold at 262-2255 all summer long and perhaps talk them into staying in the North where it’s not so cold and they can keep the smoker smokin’ for us all winter long.