Little Munchkins get head start on school; parents get summer break

For Little Munchkin’s school starts June 30th at the new Little Munchkin Pre-School on K-Beach Rd. next to “The Bean” coffee stop. Karen Burger and her daughter Ashlynn have remodeled the former real estate office into a bright, spacious pre-school filled with fun learning things. “We’re here to help children from ages 3-6 be ready for kindergarten. We’re taking applications now and we’ll be having our open house June 28th with school starting June 30th,” said Karen. Ashlynn Burger has been teaching pre-school since she graduated from high school so her mother decided it was time to partner with her and start their own pre-school, “It’s a great opportunity for both of us,” said Ashlynn, “I love how the little ones are so excited to learn every little thing, everything is new and exciting for them. Attending pre-school offers many advantages for children getting ready for kindergarten, things like social interaction, focus and helps them concentrate better when they start school,” she said.

Even though this is the age of high tech learning devices you won’t find any electronic hypnotic-screen gadgets and games at Little Munchkin’s, “We don’t even have a television, we don’t watch movies unless it’s a special occasion. We like the children to get out and play and learn to interact with each other and the good old fashioned games that we all played as kids and are so wonderfully attached to learning and communicating,” said Burger. To learn more call Karen or Ashlynn at 262-KIDS (5437) or stop by the open house Saturday, June 28th from 10:00am – 2:00pm.